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Hello friends! Do you know how to create in the program Photoshop 3D – an image of a creative box – an icon?
In this lesson I will tell you how to do it.

Step 1. First, create a new document, the width of which will be 500 pixels, and the height – 300 pixels., resolution – 72, color model – Rgb.

Step2 Create a new layer and fill it with the color with the indicator 270100.

Step3 Now again create a new layer and on it, with the tool Elliptical MarqueeTool “Ovalselection area “ draw a small ellipse. In the created selection, right-click and select the item in the context menu Feather“Feather”. Feathering put 20px. and create a selection fill in the color with the indicator a21500.

Stepfour. Repeat step 3, Replace color indicator only with dda23f.

Stepfive. Now select the tool Burn Tool “Dimmer” and create a blackout as shown:

Step 6. Activate the toolBrush“Brush” and select a brush similar to the one shown:

Step7 Create a copy of the exact same brush as in paragraph 6. Now press the key combination <Ctrl + T>, right-click in the resulting frame to transform and, in the context menu, select the command: Flip horizontalFlip Horizontal.

Stepeight. Next toolBrush“Brush” (round brush with soft edges) draw “feathered dots”, as shown in the figure:

Step9. Create a new layer and on it with any tool convenient for you draw a volumetric square. You may have to use the tool “Perspective”: Edit> Transform> Perspective (Editing – Transforming – Perspective). Fill the selected area with color, with the indicator ca1f05.

Stepten. Next, a tool DodgeTool “Clarifier”, We highlight some parts of our square, as shown in the figure:

Stepeleven. Tool Burn Tool “Dimmer” create a little shadow on our square.

Step12. Now tool Dodge Tool “Clarifier” work through some parts of our bulk box, as shown:

Step13. Well that’s all! Your final image now looks like the image you see in the picture:

I wish you success!

Transfer: Lugovskikh Tatiana.
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