Advertising banner for the site

In this Photoshop tutorial we will create an ad banner on the site.

So imagine a situation. You are a professional designer, with Photoshop on “you”.
The client calls you and says: I need to make a banner with an iPod Nano ad on a website with such a slogan (for example): “iPod Nano is a stylish thing. Take yourself one!”
You say: No problem! Tomorrow there will be.

And you start working:

1. Create a new document. 468? 60 px resolution 72.
2. Create a new layer and take the tool. .
Set the gradient colors.

3. Select a radial gradient. .
And swipe through the document with the future banner.

4. Now you need to find a picture of the iPod Nano itself. I found on the Internet on this page.

5. Copy the picture and move it to Photoshop.

6. Take the tool in contour mode, rounding radius 14 px

7. Right-click on the contour – select the command Make selection (To form a selected area). Then select the move tool and drag the iPod onto your document.

8. It is of course a little big.
Reduce size with Ctrl + T

9. Now select the iPod from the background. Draw a glow or explosion behind it.
To do this, create a new document. 400×400 px with black background. Create a new layer.

The easiest way to create shine is:
1) Draw something like a normal small hard brush:

Then apply the filter several times. Blur – Radial Blur (Blur – Radial blur) with values:

Press down Ctrl + F, to reapply the filter.
It will turn out like this:

Now apply the filter Sharpen – Unsharp Mask (Sharpness – unsharp mask) with settings:

If the glow seems uneven or sparse to you, then duplicate the layer and turn it over to form a smooth snowflake.

10. Cut a piece of shine and place it on the banner under the iPod.

11. It remains only to add text.


See you at www.!

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