Amazing place for your portfolio!

This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to create a stunning look for a site with a personalized portfolio.

one. Create a new document with a white background.
Document size 760 x 770 px. Then using the fill tool (Paint Bucket Tool) and color # 282828 Fill the document with this dark gray color.

2 Choose a tool Rectangle tool and draw the same rectangle as in the picture below. After you draw a rectangle, double-click on the shape layer – a style palette will appear “Blending option“, There select the option “Gradient Overlay” and set this kind of gradient:

The rectangle should look like this:

3 Click on the layer with the rectangle and click 4 times key combination CTRL + J, to make 4 more copies of this layer. Then using the move tool arrange them one after another. These rectangles will play the role of the site MENU.

four. Create a new layer. , select instrument “Line Tool” and draw the same line as in the picture. Then click СTRL + J, to duplicate the layer and move the copy of the line to the right, as shown in the image.

Here is the result:

five. Create a new layer. and take the rectangle tool , to draw another shape – you see it in the picture.

Apply the same gradient to the new rectangle.

6 Open the photo from your portfolio, which will become the calling card of your site (File> Open)

Move the picture to the working paper. Customize the size of the image – use the tools for cutting as well as free transformation (Ctrl + T)

Here is the result!

7 Select the rectangular selection tool. and highlight half of the image.
Then go to the main menu – Image> Adjustments> Desaturate

eight. Select tool text “Type Tool” and write whatever you want.

9. Then you can use different brushes to give your site an even more compelling look.

Enjoy the final result!

See you at www.!

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