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In this Photoshop tutorial we will learn how to create a banner with a simple but effective design.

So, first we need to create a new document, sized 500? 300 pixels and fill it with white.

Then select Rounded rectangle tool (Rounded rectangle)(Radius: 5 pixels) to make the shape color # 6d9e1e, as in the image below.

After that apply Gradient Overlay (Gradient Overlay) for this layer, as in the image below.

The result should be the following:

Ok, go to the next step. Time to create a “header” for our banner. Click Ctrl + left click on the layer thumbnail in the layers palette to make the banner highlighted, then create a new layer and use Rectangular marquee tool (Rectangular selection) in clipping mode, to select an unnecessary part of the selection and press DEL. After this, fill in the rest with white.

Deselect Ctrl + D, then change the blending mode for this layer to Overlay and set the opacity to 20%.

Ok, go to the next step. We need to add some graphic elements for our title. Go to Google Images and find the images you would like to add. You can choose any picture. The author chose the alarm icon, which can be downloaded here. Open the image and copy it to our main document. After that click Ctrl + T, to reduce the image to the desired size.

Use the tool Sharpen (Sharpness), to add sharpness to our alarm clock.

Ok, go to the next step. Take the tool Horizontal type tool (Horizontal text) and write the title name.

The author used the text Myriad pro white color. But you can use any other. After that apply Drop Shadow (Shadow) in blending modes.

See the result below:

Well, we made a headline. After that you need to add some design elements for our banner. Select Custom shape tool (Arbitrary shape) and select one of the standard Photoshop shapes that you see in the image below.

Add two white shapes to our banner.

Merge the layers with the figures into one layer. Now we need to remove the extra parts of the shapes that go beyond our banner. Click Ctrl + LMB, click on the banner on the layer panel in the layers palette to select the banner and then invert this selection Ctrl + Shift + I. Then click the button Delete to clean the selected area.

Delete selected area Ctrl + D. A Now try experimenting with layer modes and opacity / fill. The author chose Soft Light with an opacity of 20%.

Now we need to clear the header from these elements. Use Rectangular marquee tool (Rectangular selection), to make a selection like in the image below and click Delete.

Deselect Ctrl + D and add more text Horizontal type tool (Horizontal text). Use white color.

Time to add more text. Use Rounded rectangle tool (Rounded rectangle) (Radius: 2px) and add a color shape to # 69990d.

Now, use Horizontal type tool (Horizontal text), to add text on the substrate. Now our banner is ready! He looks great, doesn’t he?

Author: photoshopstar

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