This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to create a stylish navigation bar for a website.

Let’s start with drawing a rectangular shape.
Take tool rounded rectangular shape (roundedrectangular shape tool)

Duplicate the shape layer (Layer – Duplicate layer).
On the menu Filters select sketch> halftone pattern.
Apply these settings:

Apply another filter – noise> add noise with these settings:

Click Ctrl + T and reduce the horizontal scale setting (at your discretion). Change layer blending mode to “Difference”.

Click Ctrl + click on the layer window so that a selection appears.
Press a letter Q – to enter quick mask mode.
From the Filter menu, select sketch> water paper.
Apply these settings:

Click again Q to remove the quick mask mode.
Create a new layer – press Shift + Ctrl + N
Fill it with gray.

Click Ctrl + click on the rounded rectangle layer that we created the very first.

Click Ctrl + Shift + I to invert the selection. Click delete – to remove.

Change layer blending mode to “Difference”.

Create a rounded rectangle as it shown on the picture.

Double-click on the layer with the new rectangle and add a gradient fill.

Duplicate the layer with the now red rectangle, scale it a bit and place it directly above the small strip. Repeat the same for the bottom.

Write the names of the links using a suitable handwritten font.

For some reason, I immediately remembered a school, English lessons … and you?
What do you think, what subjects should be a site with such a navigation bar?

See you at www.!

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