Blue navigation for the site

In this tutorial we will create a beautiful blue menu for the site.

That’s what you get in the end.

Step 1.

Create a new document size 177×177 px and fill it with black. Create a new layer, on it we will draw a button. Select the Rectangle tool with rounded edges and set the radius to 8 px. As the main set color # 00C0FF. Now draw a small button.
(size approximately 145 x 26 px)

Now double click on the layer with the button to open the layer style. Select there Inner shadow (Inner shadow), set the parameters:

Next, select Satin (gloss), set the parameters:

Now Gradient overlay (gradient overlay).

Stroke (Stroke)

As a result, we get:

Step 2.

Create a new layer. and draw a thin white line sized on it 1 px. Set Opacity 50 % and set it to the center of the button.

Step 3.

Copy the white line layer and drop it onto 4 px from the first line, reduce opacity to sixteen %.

Write the text on the button in Eras Demi ITC or any other size. 11 px, White colour.

That’s all! Final result:

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