Button for the site “tree under glass”

This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to create a button on the site with a wooden texture inside.

Step 1.

Create a new document size 95×95, the background is black.
Scale the document to 200%
Take and create a smooth selection.
Set the base color to light gray (#BCBBB), and background to dark (# 504F4F).
Take the tool , In the settings, select the radial gradient. Draw a gradient from the center to the edge, as shown in Figure a), so that the result is as in b).

a) b)

Next, select in the menu Select> modify> contract (Allocation – Modification – Compress) and set the compression parameter to 9pixels Create a new layer and fill the selection with black.

at) d)

Step 2.

Create a small oval selection at the top of the black circle, create a new layer, and set the base color to gray-brown. # 746D66.
Take , In the settings, select a linear gradient. Using the gradient editor, select a type — from the primary color to the transparent one.

Draw a gradient as shown by the red arrow. It should turn out like this:

a) b)

Make a selection – hold down Ctrl and click on the black circle in the layers palette. Create a new layer. Set the base color to brown. # C08653, take a radial gradient and stretch it as shown:

at) d)

Step 3.

Draw a brown oval on a new layer – color # A17F5C.

Next, compress the selection (select> modify> contract) to 1 pixel, and then click Delete. You will only have the line.

Repeat the same steps on this layer to draw a small oval.

a) b)

at) d)

Step 4.

Create the last oval even smaller than the previous ones.

a) b)

Now duplicate the layer with oval lines twice. Place as shown in the picture and merge all three layers into one. Download the selection from the black circle, go back to the rings, click Shift + Ctrl + I, to invert the selection, then the key Delete, to trim the rings.

at) d)

Step 5.

Change the blending mode for the layer with rings to Overlay (Overlap)

Here is your wooden-glass button.

See you at www.https://photobecket.com!

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