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Step 1. Let’s start with filling the canvas with the color # D1CEC7 (this action is done solely for convenience).

Create a new layer, calling it – Foundation. In the new layer draw a white circle. Make sure your circle fits in the following sizes: Width: 104px and Height: 104px

Add the following layer styles: Shadow (Drop Shadow):

Step 2. Create a new layer and draw a circle # B23C3C colors. This circle, in size, should be smaller than the previous one.

Choose a tool Brush (brush). Find a brush Rough Rounded Bristle. It should be closer to the end in a standard set of brushes.
Set the main color – white. On a new layer, make a few short strokes in an arbitrary direction.

Next, using the tool eraser ( Eraser) With the same type of brush – Rough Rounded Brisle, erase unnecessary items.

Step 3. Set the main color – black. Choose a brush tool with soft edges and diameter 35px and on the new layer draw a diagonal line.

Now go to the layer with the white circle, which we drew in step 1. Further Select> Load Selection> Default (Selection> Load Selection> Default). Again Selection (Select) and choose inversion.

Let’s go back to the current layer, with a black brush. Click on Edit> Cut (Edit> Cut).

In the layer options set Soften light (soft light). Opacity (Opacity) layer set to 25%.

Step 6. We select the tool line Button for the site– major 4px (line tool, or click U).
On the new layer, draw a white slanted line using the line tool.

Duplicate line, then go to Filter> Blur> Guassian Blur Radius 3.4px (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur, Radius 3.4px).

Select the initial layer of the line, and move it as shown below. Next, go Select> Load Selection (Selection> Load Selection) to the selected line. While the line is already selected, take the blur lines of the layer. Then Edit> Cut (Edit> Cut).
Delete the original line by setting the opacity of the layer 45%.

On the new layer, draw 1px lines, as shown below. Set the opacity of the layer to 21%.

Step 8. Add text using the font. Eurostile, Bold 16.5pt , White color and the following layer styles:
Stroke. Set the opacity for the layer with text on 85%.

And here is the result.

Author: tutorialhero

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