Button for your blog

In this Photoshop tutorial, you’ll have a stylish blog menu.

Let’s start by creating a new document, the dimensions 400 * 200 px.
Fill it with dark gray # 7d7d7d.

Now, using Rounded rectangle tool, draw a shape of any color.

Apply the following settings to the form:

Here’s what we got:

Now, select the form: hold down the key Ctrl and click on the layer window in the layers panel (F7):

Draw a gradient like the one below, called white to transparent:

Take the tool (text) with these settings and write, for example, “about me” and place it in the center of the button:

Duplicate the layer with the button, and name the second button, for example, “pictures”:

Now, in some way, we have to show that one of our buttons is in the active state.

Select the shape tool Custom shape tool, Take the shape of a 10-pointed star, and draw this shape on the button:

Apply these settings to the star:

It should turn out like this:

To make it even better, let’s select the star (again, press Ctrl + click on the window with the layer), create a new layer , and apply the same white-transparent gradient to the asterisk as we did with the button.

The asterisk will act as a button activity indicator.

This way you can create as many buttons as you want!


See you at www.https://photobecket.com!

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