Button from Photoshop

This Photoshop lesson decided to devote a button drawing to the website.

I will draw with you, so I don’t even know what happens at the end.

So let’s get started:

1. Create a new document with a white background about the size 300×300 pixels

Set as primary color, such as # 03836C

2. Take the tool – the usual forms (Custom shapes) and select the shape of the leaf:

Draw in shape mode leaf shape.

Click Ctrl + T (free transformation) – the leaf shape should be slightly elongated.
With the transformation frame active, right-click and select Rotate 90 CW

After turning, press Enter, to apply the transformation.

Right-click on the shape layer in the layers palette and select the command Rasterize layer, those. from a vector shape to turn into a regular drawing.

Now we need to remove the tail from the leaf, who likes the button with the tail – you can leave.

3. Take the tool Eraser , set a small hard brush and remove the leaf stalk.

4. Give a glare to the button.
Holding the key Ctrl click on the layer with the sheet – a selection will appear.

Refer to the menu Select – Modify – Contract

In the window that appears, set the value four and press OK

Thus, the selection will be reduced by 4 pixels.

Take the Gradient Tool , set the main color to white and in the gradient settings panel select the view from white to transparent.

Stretch the gradient thread from the top of the selection to the middle.
Deselect Ctrl + D
It will turn out like this:

5. Select the shape again (Ctrl + click on the layer)

Take the tool Brush, Set black color and the following settings:

Swipe a few times along the bottom of the button, achieve the same effect as mine:

6. The button itself is ready, it remains to give her a name:

Pick up tool Text and write the name.

Double-clicking on the text layer add a style – Stroke (stroke)

If you want, you can add a shadow to the button itself:

Then it will look like this:

Another small, but very useful trick.

You drew a button of a certain color, but you suppose you need five more multicolored pieces.

In this case, you take and press just two keys. Ctrl + U!

An amazing color / saturation window opens, where playing with sliders your button will change colors.

Try it!

I’m sure you get the gist of creating buttons.
I hope this lesson was useful to you.

Good luck in creating your own buttons!

See you at www.https://photobecket.com!

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