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Create a new document size 300×300 pixels

Create a new layer using the tool oval shapemake a selection in the shape of a circle, and fill it with a dark gray color.

Using the tool clarifier draw horizontal stripes as shown below, then using dimmer add a few more bands as shown:

On a new layer using the oval selection draw a circle like in the picture and fill it with red.

Double-click on the red circle layer to go to the Layer Style panel. Here we add the “inner shadow” style to our circle:

Here is the result:

Create a new layer, in it again using make a selection and fill it with the same red color used for the previous circle:

Returning to the first red circle, using and draw vertical stripes as shown below:

With the same tools we work with the upper circle:

Choosing a tool , draw a circle on the button, then set the setting “subtract from the selected area” and draw a circle of smaller radius, which should “bite off” most of the selection and leave only the crescent:

Create a new layer and fill our new selection with white and reduce the layer opacity to thirty%.

And in conclusion, we just have to add the text.

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