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In this lesson, we will learn to create a logo button!

Step 1. First we create a new document: its width 500px., height – 400 pixels., resolution – 72, color model – Rgb.

Step 2. Create a new layer and draw a round shape on it (or any other shape) with the tool Pen tool (Pen) mode “Contours”. After the shape is created, inside it, right-click and select an option from the context menu: Make selection (To form a selected area).

Step3 Formed the selected area, we fill it with color with the indicator 98989a.

Stepfour. Now choose Tool Burn tool (Dimmer) and draw a small shadow on our button.

Stepfive. Next, select the function Layer style (Layer styles), in it – Inner shadow“Inner Shadow” and set the readings as shown:

Step6 Now go to the menu: Filter> Noise> Add Noise (Filter – Noise – Add Noise) and use the following values:

Step7 Your image should now look like the image below:

Stepeight. Now create a new layer and draw a new selection on it. Fill it with a color with the indicator. fd2b14.

Step9. Newly drawn area tool Burn tool“Dimmer” give a little shadow.

Stepten. Now, on the created in paragraph eight selection red color, create a small selection, as shown in the figure:

Stepeleven. Next, from the menu Layer styleLayer Styles we use the option Outer Glow“Externalglow, and set the values ​​as shown:

Step12. Now your image will look like the image below:

Step13. Create a new layer and draw a new selection, as shown in the image and fill it with a color with a measure. ffe912.

Step14. Tool Dodge tool “Clarifier” make a few light touches.

Step15. Now, make a copy of the large circle that we drew in paragraph eight, make this copy active, and reduce and display it, as shown in the figure below:

Stepsixteen. Create a new layer again and draw on it with the tool Custom Shape Tool“Freeform” figure, as shown in the picture or at your discretion. Figure draw mode “Contours”.

Step17 After the outline of the shape is created, right-click in it and in the opened context menu select the option Make selection“Formselected area “.

Step18. Now go to the menu Edit“Editing” and run the command there Stroke“Stroke”.

Stepnineteen. Set the stroke values ​​as shown:

Step20. Your image should be similar to what you see in the picture:

Step21. Deselect a drawn shape. Now your shape contains a stroke.

Step22 Now create a new layer, select your shape with a green outline (click on the thumbnail of the shape layer, holding down <Ctrl>) and on the new layer fill the selection with color with the indicator: e5e834.

Step23. Next, go to the menu Layer styleLayer Styles, and now we use the function Outer glow“External glow” with the values ​​below:

Step24 Now your image will look like the image below:

Step25 Now activate the tool Gradient tool “Gradient Fill” and set all the values ​​shown in the table:

Step26 Next, using Gradient tool“Gradient Fill” with the values ​​specified in the table, “fill” it with a background layer (layer “background”), so that our button is on a beautiful background.

Step27. Now go to the menu Filter> Noise> Add Noise (Filter – Noise – Add Noise) and, using the settings as shown in the figure, add noise to your background.

Step28 Next, go to the menu Filter> Blur> Radial Blur (Filter – Blur – Radial Blur) and set the parameters as shown in the figure:

Step29. Well that’s all! Your button after all the actions done will look like this:

I wish you success!

Author: adobeperson

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