Button – “Send Letter”

In this Photoshop tutorial, we will draw a button to place it on the website under the feedback form, in simple words, the button “Send letter”

Create a new document size 281 x 129 px and fill it 6aa3cf color. Double click on the layer and click OK.

Then, load the texture.

Find the following button in the layers palette. , click on it and select the gradient overlay style. Set the same settings:

Another add a style called Pattern Overlay / Texture Overlay:

That’s what you should do.

Take a figure . Set the corner radius to 5 px, Colour – 2a425f and draw the base for the button as shown below.

Add styles to the button.

The first one is “Shadow” (mode – Multiplication)

“Inner glow” (mode – Brightening the basics):

“Color overlay”:

“Gradient Overlay”:


Result after applying all styles:

Take the tool – arbitrary shape (Custom Shape Tool), at the top in the settings, select the shape of the envelope.

Set as primary color a1c9f7 and draw an envelope on the button.

Add style: “Outer Glow”

And Inner Glow:


Write the text. Make these settings in the Symbol panel:

Write on the button “Send us an email” or something else.

Add “Shadow”:

Now draw a highlight. Take a feather and draw a white shape as shown below:

Clamp “Ctrl“click on the layer with the button – the selection will load. Go to the menu Selection – Invert (” Selection “-” Inverse “) or simply click Shift + Ctrl + I.

Go back to the layers, right-click on the white shape layer and select the Rasterize Layer command (rasterize), and now you have to press the “Delete“.

Reduce the opacity of the highlight layer to 40%.


See you at www.https://photobecket.com!

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