Button – Windows Media Player Style

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll talk about how to draw the same button as in Windows Media Player.
In the end it turns out such a wonderful thing:

It seems that the button wants to jump right off the screen! Follow us through the steps of the lesson, and you will have no problems creating a wonderful button for the website.

Step 1.

Create a new document size 300 x 300, and fill it with this gradient:
Colors: # 84AAD9 and # A4BFEA

Step 2.

Then create a new layer.
And with the tool – make a rectangular selection:

Fill the selection with white #FFFFFF

Reduce transparency (opacity) of this layer to 31%,
then contact “filter-> blur-> Gaussian Blur“and set the radius to 2 pixels

This is what should happen:

Step 3.

Create a new layer. ,
take the tool – selection by ellipse , hold the key SHIFT (to draw an even circle) and make a selection as shown in the picture:

Fill this selection with color # 5B87CE do not remove the selection yet.

Step 4.

Create a new layer.
Set the main color – white
Take the tool – Brush with the same settings:

Now paint the bottom of the circle with a small portion of white paint, as shown:

Here it is not necessary to strive for perfection.

Now consult “filter-> blur-> motion blur”, and apply the following settings:

Here’s what happened:

Reduce transparency (opacity) layer to 85%. Press a letter ‘V’ (to cause the tool to move ) and press the up button 4 times on the keyboard. This action will lift our blur up a bit.

Then consult “filter-> blur-> Gaussian blur” with setting five pixels:

Here’s what happened now:

Step 5.

Hold key CTRL and click on the layer window with the blue circle:

A selection will appear.

Refer to the menu select-> modify-> contract with a value of 7 pixels:

Create a new layer on top of all the others.
and fill it with a gradient (color from white to transparent):

Step 6.

Now take the tool – and make such a huge ellipse so that it covers the upper part of the ball.

Step 7.

Contact in select-> inverse to invert the selection and press the button DELETE.

Now on the menu “filter-> blur-> Gaussian Blur” with value 1.5

Reduce the layer opacity to 88%, look what happened this time:

Step 8.

Double-click on the layer to open the Add Styles window:

Add style – shadow (Drop shadow), Colour # 08397E:

Step 9.

The last thing left to do is add the arrow shape to the circle. Of course you can place a letter, symbol or something else there.

Here is a smaller version of the button – size 50×50 px – so it will look like:

See you at www.https://photobecket.com!

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