Good day to all. To create this button you will need to download the Photoshop add-on.

Download web gradients here.

Create a new document with dimensions of 300 x 200 px.
Create a new layer and call the “base”

Take the tool “Rounded rectangle > Rounded rectangle tool “and draw something like:

Now hold down the key Ctrl and click on the thumbnail of the layer with the black button. This way we will perform the selection of this future button.

Now take the tool “Oval selection > elliptical marquee tool “hold the key Alt and so we will:

That’s what we get, here is the selection should be:

You must have the tool turned on. “Oval selection >> elliptical marquee tool “click the right mouse button (2) on the selection and select the menu item”Invert selected area >> select inverse “here:

This is how the selection should look now:

And now just press Delete and that’s what comes out:

Push again Ctrl and click on the layer thumbnail to select the button. We will apply a gradient. But for a start, one moment, we will have both parts of the button. We need only one right big. Therefore, when you have selected both parts, again we take the selection tool (any) we clamp Alt and remove the small part of the button. Like this:

And in the end there will be only the right side of the button. Now you need to select the gradient that you downloaded. I’ll take mine and fill it up like this:

I remove the selection, and select it again. Clamping Ctrl, click on thumbnail, thenAlt and tidy up most of the buttons. Leave only a little. and also fill it with gradient. This is what I end up with:

And now the most interesting, working with a large part of the button. We need to separate the small part from the large. To do this, select the button is already known to us. And in the same way we remove the selection from a large part in a known manner, and leave only a small one.

Now we need to copy the small part to a new layer. Push Ctrl + C we copied the selected part of the small button to the clipboard. Now press Ctrl +V, automatically paste on a new layer. Hide the new layer with a small part.

Go to the layer with the whole button and again select the layer base, and again remove the selection from a large part. And, when we only have a small part allocated, we simply press Delete. Open a new layer with a small part and the same button.

Let’s call this layer “small part”

go to the parameters of the overlay layer “base” and select the tab “Stroke > Stroke “I chose this:

Now adjust the gradient:

Now in Gloss > satin:

Now in Stamping > bevel and emboss:

Inner shadow > inner shadow:

Shadow > drop shadow

Here’s what we got:

Now we make visible the layer “small part” and also go to the blending parameters:
Stroke > Stroke


Gloss > satin:

Stamping > bevel and emboss:

Inner shadow > inner shadow:

Shadow > drop shadow:

Here is what comes out:

Let’s go back to the background and create a new “crossbar” layer, it should be under all layers, and draw such a crossbar with a tool “Rectangle selection > rectangular marquee tool “.

We go to the parameters of the overlay layer with the selection and fill it up with this gradient:

Now we leave the blending parameters and move to the background. And fill it with a darker gradient:

It remains only to make an inscription and an arrow icon. Go to the topmost layer and take the tool “Horizontal text and write the value of the button. I will have a button Download. Transform the text to the size of the button (I imagined and applied styles from myself):

Choosing a tool “Arbitrary shape“and select the arrow, but first create a new layer:

And again I fantasized and applied the parameters of the overlay, this part of the work to your taste. Just fantasize:

Well that’s all. Thank you for being with me, and with you was Starun Vladislav!

Author: Starun Vladislav (Vladiator)

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