Caramel navigation

For the future sweet panel, create a document 280 * 450 px and fill it with black. Then, on the new layer Layer – New make a rectangular selection
(Rectangular marquee tool) and fill it with orange. Selection do not remove.

We need to reduce the selection on 20 px.
To do this, select Select-Modify-Contract20pxOk. Now click Delete.

We got an orange frame. Now add to it a few caramel effects.
Click on the button with the letter “f“on the palette Layers.
Do everything as in the pictures.

This is what should end up.

Now there are not enough small chocolates, that is, buttons
Using the form creation tool – Rectangle tool
choose a rectangle with rounded edges, set the rounding radius on 40px
and in the shape mode, draw an oval. If you need to increase or decrease use Ctrl + T

And now the effects that we prepared for the frame are transferred to the button.
We get on the layer with the frame to activate it.
Layer-Layer Style-Copy Layer Style
Then activate the layer with the button and …
Layer-Layer Style-Paste Layer Style

To break the lines a bit, go into effect. Satin and change the parameters
Distance on 23, but Size on thirty.

Now multiply the caramel layers and lay one after another.
Hide the black background and glue the layers of the palette.

Now select the wonderful filter Filter-liquify and,
choosing a small spreading finger, give
palette effect melted toffee.


It turned out something like that? Wonderful!
Perhaps you have even more beautiful, sorry I do not see: (

Now copy this layer. Select Filter-Texture-Mosaic Tiles

Set the parameters as in the picture


Change on the palette Layers “blending mode” with Normal on Difference.
And reduce the transparency (Opacity) before 35%.

It remains only to add sweet words, that is, links to buttons.

This is such a sweet navigation bar.
More like a box of candy!
When I was doing it, I almost choked with saliva!
I’ll go eat something! Happily!

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