Create a portfolio in Photoshop

In this lesson, you will learn how to create a model for a portfolio in the style of the Middle Ages.

Let’s start with the new document: size 760×770 pixels, background color (black). Download this texture, and then open it in Photoshop

Then drag this texture onto your layout with the move tool. Move tool. Now go to Filter> Render> Lightning Effects (Filter> Render> Lighting Effects) and set the following parameters:

Intermediate result

Now you need to download this PNG file. It is a chain, and we will create a texture

Then go to Edit> Define Pattern (Edit> Define Pattern)
Select a name for this sample and click OK.
You can close the image with a chain. Now create a new layer (press CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + N)
Choose a tool Marquee tool (Rectangle) and make a selection:

Choose the Fill tool, make sure you have a template with a chain, look at the screenshot:

Click once inside the selection and press Ctrl + D to cancel the selection. Intermediate result:

You can change the size of this thread:

Go to Filter> Sharpen> Sharpen More (Filter> Sharpness> Sharpness +). My result:

Now download the following PNG file and open it in Photoshop:

Then drag this layer onto your layout. You can change the size of this layer.

Now you need to add a shield on this layer and paper of the old type (the author has not posted these images, you need to find them on the network)

In both layers, you can add sharpness in the same way as before:
Filter> Sharpen> Sharpen More (Filter> Sharpness> Sharpness +).

Select Rounded rectangular toolCreate a portfolio in Photoshop (Rectangle with rounded corners) and create a shape like this:

Go to the layer with the chain and then the tool EraserCreate a portfolio in Photoshop (Eraser) wipe off excess parts of the chain:

Then create a small circle, and place it just like in the screenshot. (Make sure you put this circle under the chain with a chain in your layers palette).

Duplicate the chain layer and place it on the right side. Do the same with the foliage layer.

Then download the next image.

After opening the PNG file in Photoshop, you need to drag it to the workspace. You can resize it if you want.

Duplicate this layer and place it as shown in the screenshot:

Then delete Eraser top of the image. I will hide the other images so that it is easier for you to understand what I am doing:

Then drag this layer under the navigation.

You can turn on layer visibility with the first ax and match the two images exactly.

Choose a tool Ellipse tool (Ellipse) and create a small black circle, the same as in the screenshot:

Now you can add more foliage to your layer.

Now, with the help Rounded rectangular tool (Rectangle with rounded corners) create several shapes.

Now combine these forms with a chain. Duplicate the chain layer several times and place them as in the screenshot:

Now add some small circles.

Now create a new layer on top of all layers (press CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + N). Download and install grunge brushes in Photoshop, and on the layer that you have already created, apply a few random strokes.

Choose a tool Type tool (Text) and write something, you will create a log text.

You can duplicate the foliage layer and place it on your own. This is my final result.

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