Create advertising design for a site in Photoshop

Final result:

For the lesson we need these files:

Set of paper textures in vintage style.
Brush clouds
Futura Font
Cheyenne Hand Font
Profile photo (use your own)

Step 1 – Document Setup
Create a new document with the parameters shown below.

Now you need to create guides. For this we need the line: go to menu View – Rulers (View> Rulers) (Ctrl + R). Right click on the rulers and select the unit of measurement – Pixels (Pixels). Move the guides away from the rulers with the mouse. They should be at a distance of 40 pixels from each edge.

Step 2 – Creating the Background
From the set of paper textures loaded at the beginning of the lesson, open the “TEXTURE C” texture and paste into our document. Stretch the texture across the canvas with the tool. Free transform (Ctrl + T). Set the blending mode for the texture layer – Multiplication (Multiply). Paste the texture “TEXTURE A” and also stretch it across the canvas. Set the blending mode to Replacing dark (Darken) and Opacity – 60%.

Need to create a pattern. Create a new 4×4 pixel document. Tool Pencil (Pencil Tool) (P) Draw the pattern shown below.

Then go to menu Editing – Define a pattern (Edit> Define Pattern) and save the pattern as “Stripes”. Return to the main document, create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N) above the “TEXTURE A” layer and name it “Stripes”. Go to Edit menu – Fill (Edit> Fill) and select any color. Double click on the “Stripes” layer and you will see the Overlay Settings window. There, set the Fill Opacity value to 0% and apply the Pattern Overlay style: “Stripes” pattern and Mode – Multiply (you can look at the other values ​​in the image below):

The background is finished. Merge the background layers into a group (Ctrl + G) and name it “Textures”.

Step 3 – Creating a background for the icon
Create a new layer above the “Textures” group. Put it in the new group “App”. Choose a tool Rounded Rectangle (Rounded Rectangle Tool) (U) and customize it as shown below.

Create a rectangle and go to the menu Layer – Style layer – Overlay gradient (Layer> Layer Style> Gradient Overlay): 277282a – # 5092a5.
Make a copy of the layer with a rectangle and reduce its height and width by 2 pixels (90×90 pixels). Change the style colors Gradient overlay at # 8dc2c4 – # c8f5ff.
Make a copy of the top layer with a rectangle and reduce its sides by another 2 pixels (88×88 pixels). Change the style colors Gradient overlay at # 49849d – # 91ced9. Make a copy of this rectangle and double click on it to go to the Blending Options menu: set Fill Opacity to 0%. Apply style Pattern overlay (Pattern Overlay): Stripes pattern. Select all the rectangles and position them in the center of the canvas with the tool Move (Move Tool) (V).

Step 4 – Creating a silhouette on the icon
Open your photo and make a selection of the head and shoulders. No need to make it too neat, because we then reduce the photo, and the irregularities will not be visible. Use a layer mask to hide the entire area outside the selection.

Drag only the selected part into our document and resize the layer as shown below. Approximately 90×90 pixels.

Hold down the Ctrl key and click on the “Stripes” layer thumbnail to select this layer. Then select the layer with the photo and apply the layer mask. Double click on the photo layer and apply the following styles: Drop Shadow (Shadow), Inner Glow, Gradient Overlay (settings shown below).

We have almost finished creating the icon. It remains to create a glow. Create a new layer above the photo layer and name it “Highlight”. Choose a tool Ellipse (Ellipse Tool) (U) and create a white oval as shown below.

Double-click on the white ellipse layer and enter the style values ​​shown below:

Holding the key Alt, drag the mask of the “Stripes” layer onto the “Highlight” layer. So we copied the mask of one layer to another. Then apply the drop shadow style:

Step 5 – Creating the Download Button
Before we start drawing a button, click on the download link for the “Futura” font and download: Light, Medium, Bold and Extra Bold.
Create a button in the same way as in step 3. Create three rounded rectangles with dimensions: 302×76 pixels, 300×74 pixels and 298×72 pixels. For all three rectangles, apply the same styles as in step 3. Make a copy of the upper rectangle and apply the styles that we applied to the “Stripes” layer (you can just copy them).

Select the text tool and, using the Futura Extra bold font, write “Free Download!”. Font size is 22pt. Apply the same styles as the photo layer. Using tool Move (Move Tool) (V) Center the text (use the align buttons on the toolbar). On the bottom layer of the button, apply the drop shadow style that we applied to the bottom layer of the “app” group.

When done, merge all button layers into the “Button” group.

Step 6 – Download Description
With the text tool, write “Download the new iDeitch App for FREE” using the Futura Light font. Size – 30pt. Change the word “iDeitch” to Futura Medium.

Step 6 – Icon iTunes
Create rounded rectangle 147×48 pixels in the color # 6d6d6d. In Myriad Pro, write “Available on the iPhone”. Size – 7,5pt. Then write “iTunes Store” size 18pt.
Create another small rounded rectangle with the size of 18×32 pixels inside the rectangle (we will make an iPhone out of it).
On it, create another rectangle with the size of 13×19 pixels (screen). Then create a 3x3px circle under the last rectangle (menu button).

Make a selection of all layers of the iTunes icon, except the background layer (base rectangle), go to the layer with the background of the icon and click on the layer mask icon at the bottom of the layers palette, while holding Alt. You should have a layer mask filled with black. Select the layers with the screen and the menu of the iPhone and fill it with white color on the mask of the layer with the background of the icon. Merge all layers into the “iTunes Store” group.

Merge the following layers and groups into one group: “iTunes Store”, “Download the iDeitch App for FREE.”, “Button”, and “App”. Name the general group “Download”.

Step 8 – Insert the icon in iphone
Open the document from the iPhone in Photoshop. Hide or delete the layers highlighted below:

All other groups and layers (except the background) are grouped together and name it “iPhone”. Drag this group into the main document and resize to 348×680 pixels. Position it using the left guides as shown below.

Make a copy of the “App” group and paste it into the “iPhone”> “Springboard Components”> “Springboard Icons” group. Reduce the size of the “App” group copy to 55%, hide the style Casting a shadow (Shadow) (Drop Shadow) from the bottom layer of the group, merge the “App copy” group into one layer (Ctrl + E) and apply the Drop Shadow style again. Use the text tool to sign the “iDeitch” icon and apply the same style. Casting a shadow to the text Font settings are shown below:

Rename the icon to “iDeitch” and merge the icon and text into one “iDeitch” group.

Step 9 – Adding a Comment on iphone
Choose a text tool and write “Download Now!” using the Cheyenne Hand Font font size 16pt. Rotate text 25 degrees with the tool Free transform (Ctrl + T).

Now we draw an arrow. Create a new layer and name it “Arrow”. Tool Pen (Pen Tool) (P) Draw the outline shown below.

Choose a tool Brush ( Brush Tool) (B), set the diameter – 2 pixels and stiffness – 100%, color – black. Select tool again Pen (Pen Tool) (P) and right click on the outline, select Outline the contour (Stroke Path). In the window that appears, select Brush (Brush). From the contour will be a black line. To make an arrow, draw the outline shown below and stroke it.

Combine the inscription “Download Now!” And the layer with an arrow into one group “Comment”. Position this group above the “iPhone” group in the layers palette.

Step 10 – Creating a color header and background
Now we need a set of clouds brushes. Create a new layer under the “Textures” group and name it “Clouds”. Select the first brush from the brush set and paint the layer as shown below with the colors # ffed21, # fd43f2, # 3fcbee

Create a new layer, select a text tool and write “iDeitch”, create another layer and write “NEW APP”. Font settings are shown below. The text color is # ffed21. Merge both text layers into the “Yellow” group. Make a copy of the “Yellow” group and rename it to “Blue”. Move the “Blue” group a little to the right and up. Then apply the following styles: Drop shadow and Overlay color.

Combine the groups “Yellow” and “Blue” into one group “Title”.

Step 11 – Creating the “Made By Ofek Deitch” Caption
Create a new layer and place it in the new “Made By” group (if you forgot how to do it, select the layer and press Ctrl + G). On this layer with the text tool, write “Made By” using the font settings shown below. Then create another layer within the group and write “OFEK” (settings shown below). Create the last layer and write “DEITCH”.

Rotate the “OFFEK” layer 90 degrees counterclockwise. To do this, go to the Free Transform Layer mode (Ctrl + T), right-click on the canvas and select Rotate. Arrange the text layers as shown below.

Step 12 – Copyright at the bottom of the ad
Create a new layer and write “Copyright © 2011 by Ofek Deitch. All rights reserved.”. Font settings are shown below.

Step 13 – Layer Layout
Before we proceed to the location of the layers, take a look at the order of the layers at the moment:

Let’s start! Hide all layers except the background “Background” and the “Textures” group. Then make the “Clouds” layer visible, then the “iPhone” group. The iPhone should be located on the left side of the canvas. Make the “Download” group visible, but hide all the layers and groups inside it. Make the “Button” group visible and position it at the bottom of the canvas next to the right guide. Make the “iTunes Store” group visible and tie it to the right guide, vertically centered to the “Free Download” button. Next, make the text inside the “Download” group visible and position it 50 pixels above the “Free Download” button. The beginning of the text should be on the same line as the beginning of the button. Then make the “App” group visible and position it horizontally in the center of the “iTunes Store” group and vertically in the center in the text layer.

If you have correctly arranged the layers, the result should be as in picture 7 above.
Make the “Title” group visible, go to the Free Transform mode (Ctrl + T) and enter the values ​​shown below in the panel above.

Then do the same with the “Made By” group.

Finally, make visible the layer with the text on rights and tie its beginning to the left guide. Vertically position it between the bottom of the canvas and the bottom guide.

Final result

Posted by: Ofek Deitch

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