Creative design for blog

In this lesson we will learn to create creative design for your blog.

Step 1. Create a new document (CTRL + N) 1280 px x 1500 px, Resolution 72 pixels and color mode Rgb (Mode RGB Color). Fill the background with dark blue (#041d51). Tool “Rectangle (Rectangle Tool) in the outline mode, draw a rectangle in the upper part of the document, right-click and select “create a selected area” and fill it with any color on the new layer, apply the layer style Gradient Overlay \ GradientOverlay (linear, colors #041d51 #01151d).

Step 2. Draw a hat. Tool “Rounded Rectangle (Rounded Rectangle Tool) in “fill pixels“Rounding radius sixteen px, draw a rectangle on a new layer, name it “cap”.

Step 3. Duplicate the cap layer (Ctrl + J), tool “Pen (Pen Tool) in contour mode, cut the shape as shown below.

Apply layer styles: Shadow\ Drop Shadow.

Stamping\ Bevel and Emboss.

Gloss\ Satin.

Color overlay \ Color overlay.

Step 4. Draw paint streaks (for example, draw a contour with a pen and fill it with any color) or find a suitable image and paste it on a new layer, name it “paint”.

Step 5. Warp the layer as shown below with Editing \ Transforming \ Warp (Edit \ Transform \ Warp).

Combine the “paint” layer with the previous “header (copy)” (Ctrl +E). Add decorative elements on the same layer with the tool “Brush (Brush)

Step 6. Duplicate the layer, delete the layer styles, load the layer selection (Ctrl + click on the layer thumbnail) and in the menu Filter \ Blur \ Gauss Blur (Filter \ Blur \ Gaussian blur), radius 10. Draw a brush with a brush (look on the Internet) using the tool “Eraser (Eraser Tool) with soft edges erase excess and apply a layer style Gradient overlay“\ GradientOverlay.

Step 7. Add a splash on the “cap” layer and apply a layer style. Overlay gradient “\GradientOverlay.

Step 8. Download the selection layer “cap” (Ctrl + click on the layer thumbnail), create a new layer and draw a splash and copy the layer styles from the “header (copy)” layer.

Step 9. Tool “Text (Type Tool) write the name of the blog.

Rasterize the text (right click on the layer with the text and select “Rasterize the text”), add a layer mask and, remaining on the mask, draw a spray; Click on the layer thumbnail and add a splash.

Apply layer styles: Shadow\Drop Shadow.

Stamping\ Bevel and Emboss.

Gloss\ Satin.

Gradient Overlay \ Gradient Overlay.

Step 10. Create a new layer and place it on the layer palette below the text layer, draw a new splash and apply layer styles: External glow\Outer Glow.

Stamping\ Bevel and Emboss.

Overlaygradient\ Gradient Overlay.

Step 11. On the new layer, write the word “Blog” and apply layer styles. Gradient Overlay \ Gradient Overlay and Embossing \ Bevel and Emboss.

Step 12. Tool “Rounded Rectangle (Rounded Rectangle Tool) draw a rectangle for the content on the new layer, name it “content”, fill it with colore7e2d5, under the header draw a rectangular selection and on the new layer fill it with a linear gradient.

Step 13. Draw a button “Search” (on the new layer “Rounded Rectangle (Rounded Rectangle Tool) draw a rectangle, click RMB, form a selected area, fill it with any color) and apply layer styles for the Search button Gradient overlay \ GradientOverlay.

Shadow\ Drop Shadow.

Stroke\ Stroke.

Step 14. Draw a search form and apply layer styles.
Inner shadow \Inner Shadow.

Gradient overlay \ GradientOverlay.

Stroke \Stroke.

Step 15. Add information in the right column.

Step 16. Add splashes to the content area on the new layer.

Apply layer styles: Stamping \Bevel and Emboss.

Gradient overlay \ GradientOverlay.

Step 17. Add link names.

Step 18. Add images, apply layer styles to images Shadow\Drop Shadow and Stroke \Stroke (1)

Final result

Author: Alexandra Fomicheva

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