Draw a button for the site

In this lesson you will learn how to create original web buttons for a site.

Step 1. Create a new document, set the background color with the indicator: # f7f5f6. Activate the tool Rounded reqtangle Tool (Rectangle with rounded corners) with rounding radius 10 pixels. As the color for the foreground, set the color with the indicator: # 2f88bb. On the new layer, create a small rounded rectangle.

Step 2. Now go to Layer Style (Layer Styles) and apply to the drawn rectangle Outer Glow (Outer Glow) and Inner Glow (Inner Glow) with the following settings:

Step 3. Holding the key <Ctrl>, Click on the rectangle layer thumbnail to load a selection onto it. Create a new layer, enter the menu: Select> Modify> Contract (Allocation -Modification – Compress) and in the parameter “Compression size” set the value to: 1 pixel. Activate the tool EllipticalmarqueeTool (Oval selection area), and hold down <Alt>, Start subtracting the selection as shown. After the necessary part of the selection remains, fill this selection with a white transparent gradient, set the gradient blending mode “Overlap”, the opacity of the layer is 48%, and deselect by pressing the key combination <CTRL+D>.

Step 4. Create a new layer and using the tool EllipticalmarqueeTool (Oval selection area), create an ellipse as shown. Now using the tool Gradient (Gradient), style — from basic to transparent, and create a gradient fill over the oval selection. This gradient will act as a shadow.

Step 5. Next, hold the key <Ctrl>, Click on the rectangle layer thumbnail to load a selection onto it. Now, enter the menu Select> Inverse (Selection – Invert), and press <Delete>. This action will remove the extra shadow from the button.

Step 6. Set the opacity for the layer with the button to 32%. Holding the key <Ctrl>, click on the icon of the first layer in order to load a selection onto it, and then hold down the key <Alt> and using Rectangular marquee Tool (Rectangular selection area), subtract half the selection.

Step 7. Fill the selection with white and change the opacity to eleven%.

Step 8. Now create a new layer and draw a circle as shown below.

Step 9. Next, enter the menu: Layer Style (Layer Styles) and select team GradientOverlay (Gradient overlay) for the gradient fill of the small circle created.

Step 10. Now you can add a little shine to the circle.

Step 11. Now add the necessary text and the web button is ready!

I wish you success!

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