Draw a button in Photoshop

In this lesson you will learn how to create a universal icon that can be created with different levels of training. This is a simple process, but you can learn a lot.
The final image.

Step 1.Start by creating a new document with 600? 400 pixels. Fill the layer with any background color you would like. In my case, I used the color # b90010.

Step 2.Select Ellipse tool (ellipse) to create the basis of our icon. Create a circular shape in the middle of the canvas of any color you want.

Step 3.After that we rasterize the figure. Going to Layer> Rasterize> Shape (layers> rasterize> shape), apply the following layer styles by selecting Layer> Layer Style (layers> layer style).

Step 4. Duplicate the current layer with Ctrl + J. Open new layer style Layer> Layer Style> Clear Layer Style (layers> layer style> clear layer style).
Go to Edit> Free Transform (edit> free transform) and transform the shape as you see in the image below. Hold down Shift, proportionally resize.

Step 5.Now let’s do the transparency. Set the fill to around 0% and apply a layer style. Stroke (stroke).

Step 6.Choose a hard round brush The (Brush Tool) is about 10 pixels in size to make a vertical line of any color.

Step 7.Apply a layer style to this layer. Gradient overlay (gradient overlay):

Step 8.After that, merge this layer with the previous one (make sure you get all the layer styles in one layer) and change transparency this layer up to 35%.

Step 9.Then load the selection of this layer with Select> Load Selection (selection> load selection), then go to the layer with a large circle shape and click the Delete button to clear the selected area.

Remove selection with Ctrl + D and merge all layers except the background layer. Ok, now move on to the next step.

Step 10.The last thing we need to do is add some transparency in some places. After adding transparency, we get a realistic reflection of the object from the background. To do this, select Polygonal Lasso Tool (lasso) and make a selection similar to the image below.

Step 11.Then hold Shift, add a few more individual selections to the icon.

Step 12.After that we need to soften the borders of the selected area a little. Use Select> Modify (selection> feathering), feathering radius, select about 5 pixels.

Step 13.Ok, and then take an eraser with a soft round brush of about 50 pixels and expose Opacity (opacity): 30% to clean up a bit of work. But be very careful with the eraser, otherwise the icon will look unnatural.

Step 14.Now remove the selection with Ctrl + D. That’s all!
The final image.

Let’s check how it will look on a different background.

Author: PhotoshopStar.

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