Draw a house in Photoshop

In this lesson you will learn how to create an icon in the form of a house.
This is what the icon at the end of this tutorial will look like:

Step 1. Create a 512 x 512 pixel document. Fill the background layer with gray (# A6A6A6) or with any other color – we will change this color during the lesson.

Step 2. Activate the tool Pen(Pen Tool (P) and draw a shape like below:

Add a layer style to the shape. Gradient overlay (Gradient Overlay) in order to change the color.

Also add a layer style to the shape layer. Inner shadow (Inner Shadow) to add depth:

Step 3. Tool Pen(Pen Tool (P) draw another shape – the front side of the house:

Also add a layer style to the layer with the front of the house. Gradient overlay (Gradient Overlay):

Add a layer style Inner shadow (Inner Shadow):

Step 4. To the house you need to add some details – let’s start with the side panels. Create a new layer and hold down , Left-click on the thumbnail of the side wall layer to load its selection.

Move the selection 10 pixels up and fill it with black (# 000000). Without removing the selection, press the up arrow key once on the keyboard and press . There will be a strip of 1 pixel. In the same way, create about 20 more lines.

Now add layer style to layers with lines. Shadow (Drop Shadow) to create effect panels.

Change the blending mode for layers with panels to Overlap(Overlay), and lower the opacity to 80%.

Using the same technique, create panels on the central part of the house.

Step 5. Go to the creation of the roof – draw it with a tool Pen(Pen Tool).

In order to give the roof a brownish-red color, use the layer style. Gradient overlay (Gradient Overlay):

To give the roof depth and three-dimensional appearance, add layer styles to it. Shadow and Internal glow (Shadow / Inner Glow layer style):

Now you need to add a base under the roof. Create a new layer and place it under the roof layer. Load the selection for the layer with the roof, move the selection 1 pixel down and fill it with black (# 000000). Without removing the selection, move it 1 pixel down and fill it with black again. Repeat this 3 times until you get the base under the roof 5 pixels thick.

Using the layer style Gradient overlay (Gradient Overlay), add a base under the roof of dark shades for realistic lighting.

In the same way, draw another base under the roof.

Step 6. Now you need to add a falling shadow from the roof on the walls of the house. To do this, create a new layer and create a selection, as shown in the figure, with any selection tool convenient for you (I use the selection tool for selection). Polygonal Lasso(Polygonal Lasso Tool)).

On a new layer, fill the selection with brown (# 9C8151). Without removing the selection, lower it down 15 pixels and press the key . Deselect and apply filter Blur by gaussu (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur), blur radius 5.0px. Lower the opacity for this layer to 50%, move it up and remove the part of the shadow that goes beyond the wall (you can select Rectilinear lasso(Polygonal Lasso Tool)), and delete.

Step 7. On the left wall of the house draw a window or tool Pen(Pen Tool) or tool Rectangle (Rectangle Tool (U)). If you draw a window with the Rectangle tool, then you can apply to it Free transform (Free Transform) in order to reshape the window.

Make the window blue using the layer style Gradient overlay (Gradient Overlay):

Add window depth to layer styles. Inner shadow (Inner Shadow) and Internal glow (Inner Glow):

To make the window look more interesting, create a reflection on it: draw a reflection form and fill it gradient(Gradient Tool (G)) from white to transparent.

Load a selection for a layer with a window and create a new layer. Fill the selection with brown (# C2AE89). Move the selection up and to the right and press in order to get the desired depth.

Create a copy of the window and flip it horizontally: Editing – Transform – Flip Horizontally (Edit> Transform> Flip Horizontal). Reduce the copy of the window tool Free transform (Free Transform) and place at the top of the central wall of the house:

Step 8. Tool Pen(Pen Tool) draw a door.

Change the color of the door to brown style layer Gradient overlay (Gradient Overlay):

To emphasize the edges and add depth to the door, add a layer style to it. Stroke (Stroke):

Add volume with style Inner shadow (Inner Shadow):

Add a 7 pixel strip to the door to make it look embedded in the wall:

Step 9. For the door handle, draw a circle with the Ellipse Tool (U). To create a proportional circle while drawing, hold down .

Color the doorknob in gold by adding a layer style to it with a gradient overlay:

To add depth to the pen, add a Drop Shadow layer style:

Step 10. Use the tools to draw the threshold. Pen or Rectangle(Pen Tool / Rectangle Tool).

Add layer styles to threshold Gradient overlay (Gradient Overlay) and Inner shadow (Inner Shadow).

Draw the base under the threshold and fill it with a brown color (# 78350B).

Step 11. Add a shadow under the house. To do this, create a new layer and place it below all other layers. After that, create another new layer and draw a selection as shown below:

Lower the selection 3 pixels down and fill it with black (# 000000). Without removing the selection, move it up 4 pixels up and delete.

Apply a filter to the base under the house. Gaussian blur (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur) with a blur radius of 1.5px. Lower the opacity to 10%.

I hope you enjoyed the lesson!
Good luck!

Lesson author: Asher Abbasi
Transfer: Lugovskikh Tatiana
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