Draw a social icon in Photoshop

Currently, social networks are becoming more. So why not create some elements in your style.
In this lesson you will learn how to create a simple social icon in the form of a vertical ribbon.

The final result:


Mini social network icons

Step 1 – Creating a Ribbon Form

Create a new document (Ctrl + N) 600 x 400 pixels and create any style of background for your taste.

Choose a tool Rectangle (“Rectangle Tool” (U)) and draw a small vertical rectangle in the center of the canvas.

Select the vector mask thumbnail in the layers window as shown below.
The black lines around the shape indicate that the vector mask is selected.

Now select the tool Pen (“Pen Tool” (P)) and change its type to “Subtract from the area of ​​the shape (-)”.

Next, draw a triangle at the bottom of the rectangle. When you draw it, you will see how it will cut off from the main form.

Step 2 – Adding Styles

Add the following layer styles to your ribbon shape.


Inner shadow:


Gradient overlay:

You should have something like this:

Now right-click on the ribbon layer and select “Convert to smart object”. After conversion, go to menu “Filter> Noise> Add Noise” (Filter> Noise> Add Noise).

Step 3 – Adding firmware to the thread

Choose a tool Horizontal text (“Type Tool” (T)), set the foreground color to # 2e81c6. So, we will write our thread. Just press and hold the minus (-) key on the keyboard until the “seam” length matches the rectangle. Do not try to do it exactly, as you can easily trim the excess. Choose a tool Transform (Free Transform (Ctrl + T)), then rotate the line to a vertical position.

Duplicate the seam layer, then move it 1 pixel to the right and change the color to # 7dc2e7.

Duplicate these two layers with seams and move them to the opposite side of the tape.

Step 4 – Add social elements to the ribbon

Choose a tool Rectangle Rectangle Tool (U) and draw a small rectangle at the bottom of the ribbon. Then, as at the very beginning of the lesson, add a small triangle at the bottom, just change the type of pen. Use type “Add to the shape area (+)” instead of “Subtract from the area of ​​the figure (-)”.

Using social icons from the list of resources, add a Twitter icon to the resulting figure.

And finally, add some text, for example – Follow Me).


Thank you all for participating in this lesson. If you have succeeded, do not hesitate to share your results.

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