Draw a subwoofer icon and a pair of speakers – Part I

Together with Sohan Negi, we developed a lesson that will show you in detail how to create an icon for a subwoofer and a pair of speakers. The lesson was long, so we broke it into two parts.

Part I. We draw a subwoofer.

To begin with, create a new document of 800×800 pixels, with a white background.

Select Ellipse Tool (U) (Tool “Ellipse”) and draw a circle of size 5.4×5.4. Fill the shape #1A1A1A color. Rasterize the layer.

Ctrl + click on the layer thumbnail to create a selection. Then Select – Modify – Contract (Selection – Modification – Compress), radius 3 pixels. Create a new layer and fill the selection.2E3138 color.

Add noise to this layer. Filter – Noise – Add Noise (Filter – Noise – Add noise), use the settings shown below.

Select again Ellipse Tool (U) (Tool “Ellipse”) and draw a circle the size of 4,6×4,6. Fill #1A1A1A color, rasterize the layer.

Add Noise with these settings: Amount 4%, Distribution – Uniform, Mode – Monochrome. A new texture will look like the image below.

In this area, we will add layer styles such as shade and inner glow. Look at the settings and apply them to your picture.

Draw a new circle with Ellipse Tool (U) (Ellipse tool) #BEC2C9 colors.

Add a Shadow for this shape to visually move it away.

You should have something similar to what is shown below.

Next we will create a quarter for the circle texture. Create a 5.5×5.5 square shape and fill it8E929B color.

Make a selection, Ctrl + click on the layer thumbnail, Filter – Artistic – Rough Pastels (Filter – Imitation – Pastel), you get a texture similar to that in the image below.

Leave the selection and add a wash, Filter – Blur – Radial Bur (Filter – Blur – Radial Blur), settings, see below.

Now we have a new texture (with a round, which is slightly visible). Now cut some area from this texture equal to a quarter of the circle of which we did earlier, drag the circle to the center of the layer with the square. Ctrl + click on the layer thumbnail, then right-click on the selection and select from the context menu Layer via Copy (Copy to new layer), now we have a small circle with a new texture.

Your image should look like the one below.

Next, add a shadow, settings, see below:

Draw a new small circle with Ellipse tool (U) (Tool “Ellipse”) size 0.93×0.93 and fill #747578 color.

Add a Shadow and configure it as shown below:

Via Dodge Tool (O) (Brightener tool) we will add highlights to the sphere. Select tool, Range – Light, Exposure – 3%. Shout in places where you would like to lighten up. Tip: before using tools such as Brightener or Dimmer, make a backup copy of the desired layer to restore everything if desired.

We will add a glare effect to some parts of the circle using the Brightener and Dimmer tools. First choose Burn tool (O) (Dimmer tool), Range – Shadows, Exposure – 5%. Apply the tool where indicated by the arrows.

Now select Dodge Tool (O) (Brightener tool) to lighten areas, Range – Light, Exposure – 3%. After applying the tool, the image will look something like this.

Now add a highlight to the third part of the circle. This part will be like a rubber band on the column. Adjust the Brightener tool as shown below. Range – Light, Exposure – 3%. Clarify in the places shown below in the middle of the visible part.

Part of the big bass is ready, now finish the bolts. On a new canvas of 200×200 pixels, copy the small glowing 3D circle that we created earlier. Apply Burn tool (O) (Dimmer tool) at the edges of the sphere, settings below. Range – Shadows, Exposure – 5%. Then through the menu Image – Image Size, change the size to 40×40 pixels.

Copy this bolt into our original image, make 8 copies, and arrange them as shown below.

Select again Dodge Tool (O) (Brightener tool), Range – Light, Exposure – 3%. Lighten up where the arrows are pointing.

Soon we will have big bass lines ready and we will need a miniature version. Make a copy of the big bass in the new canvas 500×500 pixels and change the size to 200×200 pixels.

Now create a Buffer into which we will mount our bass. Select Rounded Rectangle Tool (U) (Tool “Rectangle with rounded corners”), radius 20 pixels, draw a large rectangle the size of 6.25 x9, 6.

Create a selection Ctrl + click on the layer thumbnail, Select – Modify – Contract (Selection – Modification – Compress), radius 10 pix. Create a new layer and fill the selection.323433 color. To make the Buffer look more real, add Noise.

Add Shadow to layer.

We thus created a fully Buffer. Now build in our bass.

We are waiting for you in the next part on creating icons for a pair of speakers.

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