Golden navigation

In this Photoshop tutorial, we will create a navigation bar for an art gallery site.

Let’s start with drawing a rectangular shape.
Take tool rounded rectangular shape (roundedrectangular shape tool)

Double-click on the new rectangle layer and add the following styles.

It will turn out like this:

Draw an ellipse shape using the tool elliptical shape tool. Apply the same styles to the ellipse.

On the menu layer select layer style> create layers.
Select and align all the resulting layers.
Change layer blending mode to “Linear Light”.

Create another rounded rectangle for the button, apply the same styles to it.

Double-click the layer with the button to add a shadow. Set the same values ​​as shown:

Duplicate this layer several times and place the buttons for links below each other.

Type the names of the links on the buttons.

You can add a bit of beautiful ornament to this golden panel (these are standard shapes “leaf ornament 2”)

I think everyone will be pleased to walk around the site with such a smart navigation.

See you at www.!

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