Header for automotive site

We make a stylish header with navigation for a car site.

On a new document, draw a black rectangle using rectangular shape tool

Double-click on the rectangle layer to open the style palette. Apply the following styles:

This will result in the following form:

Create another form using pen tool

Double click on the layer with the new shape to open the styles palette again. Apply the following styles:

It will turn out like this:

In the same way create another rounded shape. Fill it with a gray-black gradient.

Create a rectangular strip using rectangular shape tool.

Double click on the new layer to open the styles palette.
Apply the following styles.

Here is the result:

Hold key Ctrl and click on the layer with the rectangle, a selection will appear. Reduce selection by 2 pixel, for which in the main menu – Select – Modify – Contract – 2 px – OK

Create a new layer. .
Set the gradient from black to white and fill the selected rectangle.
Change the layer blending mode to “color dodge“and set the transparency (opacity) on 50%.

Create some more shapes. Place the search bar as shown in the picture. Cut out the picture of the car, for example Ferrari, and place it to the left of the “search” sign.

Insert another picture of the car. Change the blending mode (blending mode) on “luminosity“. Move this layer below the gray shape layer in the layers palette.

Write the names of the links on a rectangular strip.

Here is our high-speed header with navigation bar.
I think it will be very convenient for you to steer the site using such a header.

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