Hi-tech navigation.

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to navigate a high-tech site.

1. Create a new document of the size you need.
Fill the layer with a dark gray color. Create a rectangular selection. already than the main strip, on the new layer fill it with color # 272727.

2. At the bottom of the style palette, click on , to add layer styles.

Blend Mode – Multiply / Multiply

Gradient overlay:
Blend Mode – Overlay / Overlap
Style – Linear / Linear

Outside / Outside

The result is this:

3. Create a new layer, use the Line tool. , to draw two white lines along the gray stripe.

Opacity / Opacity =ten%

4. Create a new layer.
Now draw two black lines under the white ones.

5. Start drawing a button. Create a new layer again. Take the tool (Corner rounding radius set = 5px ) to draw such a form:

6. Apply layer styles:

External glow:
Blend Mode – Screen / Lighten

Outer, type – gradient, gradient style – linear

+ Here is what you get as a result:

7. Create a new layer and draw another oval shape inside the previous one.

8. Add a new shape layer styles:

Internal luminescence:

Gradient overlay:


We get the following:

9. On the new layer, add the following half of the white oval inside the button:

Decrease Opacity = ten%

10. And now, when the button is ready, you can duplicate it several times and add text.

That’s what comes out in the end.

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