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We open the new document in the size 25 x 25 px, select background color for white. Using the tool zoom in to 800%.
Using the Rectangle Tool with Round Edges (rounding radius = 5px) draw a rounded square.

We go to Layer> Layer Style> Blending Options (Layer – Layer Style – Blending Options) here we apply the following styles to our square layer:

Inner glow (Internal glow)
mode: lightening basics

Gradient overlay (Gradient overlay)
linear style

Gradient settings

Stroke (Stroke) – inside

Click OK and get:

Duplicate the layer with the icon Layer> Duplicate Layer.

By team Layer> Layer Style> Clear Layer Style (Layer – layer style – clear layer style) remove all styles from the new layer.

Next, click Ctrl + T (free transformation), in the settings of this tool, set the parameters Width (width) and Height (height) to 90%.

Rasterize our layer, go to Layer> Rasterize> Shape (layer – rasterize – form). Choose a rectangular selection and select half of our icon.

Click Delete and reduce the layer opacity to thirty%.

And we get this:

Next we will create an RSS symbol. Choosing a tool , then in the Form window we find such a figure – ©,

and place it on our icon, as shown in the picture:

We go to Edit> Transform Path> Flip Horizontal (Editing – Transform contour – Flip horizontally) and expand the drawing to 180 degrees.

Now take with these settings:

Draw a small circle in the center of our symbol.

Rasterize our symbol layer, go to Layer> Rasterize> Shape. Choose and select the left side of our symbol, press Delete to delete it, and perform this operation on the bottom. We get this:

Move the layer with the symbol down below the layer with the highlight.

Go to the Layer Style window and apply the following styles:

Drop shadow (Shadow)

Gradient overlay (gradient overlay)

Gradient settings

And here is the result of our work:

See you at www.https://photobecket.com!

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