Information block for the site

In this lesson we will learn to create an information block for the site.

So let’s get started!

Step 1. Create a new document with a dark gray background. Create a new layer and draw a selection similar to the one shown in the image. To create such a selection, use the tool Rectangular marquee (Rectangular selection area).

Step 2. Fill the selection with any color, and apply a shadow to the selection filled with color: Layer Style (Layer Styles) Drop Shadow (Shadow) with the indicators shown in the figure and deselect by pressing the key combination <Ctrl> +<D>:

Step 3. Now apply Bevel Emboss, with indicators, as shown in the figure:

Step 4. Next, apply GradientOverlay(Gradient overlay):

Step 5. Now it’s time for Stroke (Stroke):

Step 6. Next, reload the selection we removed in step 2 by clicking on the layer thumbnail while pressing <Ctrl>, then, enter the menu: Select>Modify> Contract (Allocation – Modification – Compress) and compress the selection on five pixels and click ok.

Step 7. Deselect the key combination <Ctrl> +<D>. The image should look like this:

Step 8. On the same layer where we created the first selected area, and applied layer styles to it, draw with the tool Pencil tool (Pencil) border across the entire width of the layer – from the border – to the border, as shown in the figure:

Step 9. Create a rectangular selection in the upper block:

Step 10. Create a new layer, fill it with any color, for example, red. Click <Ctrl + D>, to deselect. Enter the menu: Layer Style (Layer Styles) and select the commandGradientOverlay(Gradient overlay):

Step 11. Your image will look like this drawing:

Step 12. Holding the key <Ctrl>,Click on the layer icon with a red gradient to load the selection. Activate the tool Elliptical Marquee Tool (Oval selection area), and hold down <Alt>, Drag the selection to create a shape, as shown below. Key pressed <Alt> allows you to subtract a selection from an already created selection.

Step 13. Create a new layer and fill it with white. Decrease Opacity (Opacity) before 25%, and as an overlay mode, set Overlay.

Step 14. Now back to the top block layer. Activate the tool Pencil tool (Pencil), and create some rectangular shapes around the edges of this block. After that add the required text. The final version of the information block looks like this:

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