Laced navigation

In this Photoshop tutorial we will create an attractive navigation bar for the site.
Attention: This tutorial requires version of CS 2 or CS 3

Take the tool – rounded rectangle (rounded rectangle tool) and draw such a figure:

Click Ctrl + T. Right click, select command. Warp. Set the parameter warp value “Inflate”
Apply the settings as shown below.

Click Ctrl + T. Select Warp again by right clicking.
Select value “Bulge” and apply such settings.

Double-click on the shape layer to open the Add Styles window. Perform the following steps.

It will turn out such a plate.

Now you need to duplicate the layer (Layer – Duplicate Layer) and scale it (Ctrl + T).

Draw the same shape as shown in the image using the Pen tool. (pen tool). This strip add a stroke and a small volume.

At the ends of the stripes, draw two small circles:

Merge the circles and stripes together. Copy this layer as many times as you see fit and place these rings or lacing around the perimeter of our figure.

Using the text tool type the names of your links.

Double-click on the layer with text and add an external glow.

Congratulations on a great result!

See you at www.!

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