Layout for business site

In this interesting and useful lesson we will create a layout for a business site from scratch.

Step 1. Create a new document size 960×900 pixels, and fill it with a color with the index: # 292929
Activate the tool Rectangle tool (Rectangle) and create a rectangle on the new layer in the upper part of the background with a color indicator: # 111111

Step 2. Activate the tool Line tool (Line) and create two lines. Line thickness is one pixel

Step 3. Create a new layer key combination <CTRL+SHIFT+Alt+N>, and with the tool Brush tool (Brush) by size 300 pixels create a small white glow at the top of the layout.

Step 4. Change the blending mode for the brush print to Soft Light.

Step 5. Activate the tool Rounded rectangle tool (Rectangle with rounded corners) and on the main part of the layout, create three rectangular shapes. For convenience, you can create these forms on separate layers.

Step 6. For all these rectangular shapes, add the following layer styles:

Step 7. Here’s what you get:

Step 8. Under these three rectangular shapes, create another rectangular shape using the tool Rounded rectangle tool (Rectangle with rounded corners) with color # e1e1e1

Step 9. On the left side of the gray rectangle create a shape with the tool Pen tool (Pen), as it shown on the picture:

Step 10. With the tool Rectangle tool (Rectangle) create a new shape and place it as shown in the picture:

Step 11. Activate the tool Custom shape tool (Free form) and select the arrow image in the shapes panel:

Step 12. Place the shape with the arrow on the right side of the rectangle created in step 10. Fill the arrow with color, with the indicator: # e1e1e1

Step 13. Create some more rectangular shapes with color, with indicator: #cacaca with the tool Rounded rectangle tool (Rounded Rectangle) and place it on a gray rectangular shape.

Step 14. To continue the lesson, use the icons.

Step 15. Open the file with the icons, and with the tool Rectangular marquee tool (Rectangular selection area) select the desired icon.

Step 16. Pay attention to the palette layer – It should have a layer with icons.

Step 17. Once the desired icon is selected, you can cut it to a new layer – to do this, press the key combination < CTRL+J>

Step 18. Similarly, transfer the necessary icons to the site layout, as shown in the figure:

Step 19. Change opacity for layers with icons by 10%, as shown:

Step 20. This is what you should get:

Step 21 Activate the tool Horizontal type tool (Horizontal text) and add the required text.

Step 22 To write a slogan, use the font. Tahoma with the following settings:

Step 23 To write the text for the menu, use a different font. The name of the font and its settings are shown in the picture:

Step 24 Here is how the layout now looks like:

Step 25. Using similar fonts, add more text to the layout:

Step 26. This will be the layout after all the manipulations:

Step 27. At the top of the layout, add an orange rectangular button in layer-shape mode with the tool Round Rectangle Tool (Rectangle with rounded corners):

Step 28. Rasterize the layer with just drawn button:

Step 29. With the tool Rectangular marquee tool (Rectangular selection area) select the lower part of the orange rectangular button from step 27:

Step 30. Press key < Delete> in order to remove the bottom of the button. This will give the “business” button a finished look.
And this is the final result:

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