Make a portfolio with an attractive design in Photoshop

Today we will learn to make an attractive portfolio for a website.

So let’s get started!

Step 1. Create a new document whose width is 650, height – 550 pix., create a new layer and fill it with a color, with a measure #cff3ffive.

Step 2. Press and hold <Ctrl>, To load the selection of the created blue background.
Enter the menu Select > Modify > Border (Allocation – Modification – Frontier) and in the border editing window, specify as many pixels as you deem necessary to achieve the best result. If you want the edges of the border to be more rounded – set a larger number of pixels.

Step 3. If you want to compress the border, you can do it like this: Select > Modify > Smooth (Selection – Modification – Smooth (Optimize))

Step 4. Without removing the selection, create a new layer and fill the created border with color, with the indicator # b8e0e1. This will give our background a brighter and more distinctive border. To make the edges of the border smoother, they need to be smoothed over or optimized again. Enter the menu: Select > Modify > Smooth (Selection – Modification – Smooth (Optimize))

Step 5. Make sure that you have a layer with a brighter border, which we made in the last paragraph. Now enter the menu: Layer >LayerStyles (Layer – Layer Styles) and from this menu select the effect: Stroke (Stroke). Set the color and size of the stroke to your taste, and then go to the style: Gradient overlay (Gradient overlay). Here, in the gradient editor, create the same gradient as shown in the image:

Step 6. After all the actions, your canvas will look like this: (this is an option without rounded borders)

Step 7. Take a photo of a girl and make sure that the photo is of good quality, otherwise the result will not meet the expectations. Transfer the photo of the girl to our canvas. Press the key combination <Ctrl+T> in order to activate the tool Free Transform and turn the photo a little to the left.

Step 8. Activate the tool EraserTool (Eraser) with hard edges, and gently remove the background from the photo, which depicts a girl.

Step 9. Create a new layer. Stepping up the tool MarqueeTool (Rectangular selection area), draw a small rectangle in the upper part of the canvas – here will be the name of your site. Fill the selection with color, with the indicator # e85c88. Press the key combination <Ctrl+T>, in order to invoke the command FreeTransform (Free transform), and rotate the created rectangular area slightly to the left.

Step 10. Enter the menu Layer > LayerStyles (Layer-Layer Styles) and select the commands: Stroke (Stroke) and GradientOverlay (Gradient overlay). Use colors: #fourfafiveafour; #ffffff; #fourfafiveafour.

Step 11. Create a shadow using the effect Layer styles. Shadow color – #fourfafiveafour.

Step 12. Activate the tool Type (Font), and add text to the pink rectangular shape.

Step 13. Remember how we just made a pink rectangular shape for the title? Make another 4 of exactly the same shape, only smaller, or duplicate the already created rectangular shape, and slightly reduce it. If you decide to make small rectangular shapes from the very beginning, then do not forget to apply the same effects to them that you applied to the basic rectangular shape.
Decrease ABOUTpacity (Opacity) each of the 4 rectangular shapes to make them a little transparent – you need the photo of the girl to be a little translucent through them.

Step 14. The image turned out the way we planned it.

Step 15. Now, just like for the title, add the necessary text to all the transparent rectangles created.

Step 16. We now turn to work on the main part. Create a new layer. Using the tool MarqueeTool (Rectangular selection area), create a small square selection and fill it with white. Decrease ABOUTpacity (Opacity) before 20 %, or less, depending on how dark the photo is. Press the key combination <Ctrl+T>, to rotate the created square area.

Step 17. Without removing the selection, go to the layer with the girl and apply to this highlighted part Gaussian Blur (Gaussian Blur).

Step 18. Enter the menu Layer>LayerStyles (Layer-Layer Styles) and apply the exact same effects to the created square panel as to all the others. You can add a shadow – but this is not necessary.

Step 19. On a new layer, add text to the square panel.

Step 20. Well, so we got to the final touches. Activate the tool Elliptical marquee (Oval selection area),and make an oval selection, capturing in it a part of a pink panel with a title and a part of a square panel with text.

Step 21 Using the tool Dodge tool (Lightening) with opacity 60%, brighten that part of the square panel with the text that is highlighted with an oval selection.

Step 22 So, the final version of the portfolio page will look like. It remains to add the necessary material and code to the page – that’s all!

I wish you success!

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