Making a texture label in Photoshop

Textured elements in modern web design is now a fashion trend. Learn how to create your own texture and then apply it to your label.

Step 1. Create a new document 500x200px. Let’s make our backgrounds. Create a new layer, select the top of the layer with a height of 10px and fill it with a dark brown color.
Create a selection of 1 pixels and fill it with a light brown color. Create a new layer, on it select the region with a height of 75px from the layer in 1px.
Fill the selection with a brown color. Create a new layer and make another selection and apply a linear gradient from light gray to a lighter gray shade to it. Place a 1px white layer after the brown layer and a darker gray layer, also 1px high, on the edge of the gradient. Fill the rest of the document with white. We did this web-style layout similar to PSDTUTS.

Step 2. Create a new document. In step 2a, make a rectangle that is 240x100px in size. In step 2b, use the anchor points where you want to cut.
the corners of your label. Use guides to keep everything smooth and beautiful. In step 2c, make a hole in the label.
Use the guides again. This is what should come out for you.

Step 3. We need to rotate the image 30 degrees. Editing> Transform> Rotate

Note: The author for step 2 and 3 used Illustrator, however, these steps can be performed in Photoshop.

Step 4. Transfer the outline of our label to the document where the Web-style is created.

Step 5. Create a new document, which is 2 times the size of our label: 580x200px.
We will use this layer to create a texture. Linear gradient from light sand color to darker from left corner to right corner.

Step 6. Let’s transform this gradient some texture using the parameters below:

Step 7. Copy the structure into our main document and rotate it also by 30 degrees, as well as the label.

Step 8. Select the outline of our label, select the texture layer, invert the selection and delete everything that is unnecessary.
Deselect, apply a Layer Style as shown below.

Step 9. Create a 170x70px layer. fill it with red. Type in any text that the author has posted inside PSDTUTS.
Select a layer with text and a layer of red, just turn them 30 degrees. We need to ensure that there is only a contour of letters, and there would be no color.
To do this with the Tool Magic wand select each letter and delete the contents.

Step 10. Drag our text layer onto the main image and apply the blending mode to Multiplication.

Step 11. Using the tool Eraser , erase part of the red layer. You can use an eraser with settings like the author, or you can select other options.

Step 13. Are you satisfied with the result you achieved? But we are going to go ahead and add realism. Editing> Transforming> Perspective

Filter> Sharpness> Smart Sharpen

Step 14. To make it look even more realistic, use the Tool. Blur (R) Make a few clicks on the bottom right.

Step 15. Using the Tool Pen , draw a line that serves as an outline for the cord holding our label.

Step 16. Right-click on the contour> Outline the contour. Select Tool Pencil with a 3px brush diameter, 100% stiffness.
Make sure your foreground color is black. Then using the tool Eraser remove the unnecessary part of the lace, giving the effect that it goes through the hole in our label.

Step 17. Give a lighting effect. Copy medium brown background. Filter> Rendering> Lighting Effects and use the parameters as in the image.

Step 18. We made a copy of the background glow. Move this layer to the center of our document. That’s what you should get.

Creating a texture is an entertaining thing. You can create unique elements of its kind.

Author: Sean Hodge

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