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In this lesson, we once again learn a little technique of drawing, selection, and we will apply different styles of layers.

Create a new document(Ctrl +N), fill it with some dark color (for example, using a tool Fill (G)). Then using the tool Rectangular area (M) select the region we need, copy it to a new layer (WITHtrl +J) and fill it with another color, for example, the one shown in the picture.

Next, being on this layer, apply the following blending option Stroke (Stroke). For this let’s go, Layer> Layer Style> Blend Options> Stroke (Layer> LayerStyle> Blending Options> Stroke) and set the parameters as shown below.

Create a new layer (Shft +Cntr +N), draw two white lines Pen (Pen Tool (P))), lower the resulting two layers of shapes Opacity (Opacity), the author lowered to ten%.

Create a new layer (Shft +Cntr +N), we draw a black rectangle, as in the figure below (it is easy to do it again using Pen (P)).

Apply to the layer with the same rectangle Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur (Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur). The author had such settings, but you can set it to your liking.

The remaining parts outside the rectangle can be erased with Eraser (Eraser).

We draw further the internal line, like the one shown in the figures below. This can also be done with Pen (Pen Tool, (P)).

Next install opacity (Opacity) for this line to your taste, the author put on 20%

Create a new layer (Shft +Cntr +N), choose a tool Pencil (Pencil Tool (B)), size 1 pixel to draw 4 points, as shown below.

Next, go to Overlay options (Blending Options), and set the following styles:
Bevel and Emboss (Embossed) and drop shadow (Shadow), and set the settings as shown below.

You should have the following:

Create a new layer and use the selection tool. Oval area (M) – select a circle. Then using Fillings (G) fill it with white.

Again go to Overlay options (Blending Options), and apply the following styles:
Inner shadow (InnerShadow) and Stroke (Stroke) as below.

Being on the same layer using the selection tool Oval area (M) – select a small circle inside the white one and copy
(Ctrl +J) him on a new layer. On this new layer, remove the previous effects.

Go to Overlay options (Blending Options) and apply the following styles again:
Inner Shadow (Inner shadow) and Gradient Overlay (Gradient overlay). Settings are shown in the figure.

You should have the following:

Also, if you wish, you can add Inner Glow (Internal glow).

Next, go down to the first layer, where we created the document and, using the selection tool Rectangular area (M), select a rectangle, as shown in the figure below. Copy it to a new layer. (Ctrl +J), and this resulting layer is moved to the very top in the layers window (F7).

On this layer, go to Overlay options (Blending Options) and apply the following style:
Inner Shadow (Inner shadow) as shown.

You should have the following:

Next, create several such buttons and experiment with the settings, connect them together. This is what you should have in the end.

Author: photoshop8x

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