Navigation with the news panel

This tutorial shows how to create a web navigation menu with a news panel using Adobe Photoshop. After completing this lesson, you should have something similar.

Let’s start.
Create a new document of 900×300 pixels with a transparent background.
Our next steps are divided into stages.
Thus, create new guides. View-> new guide
(View-> New Guide) Vertically: 20, 30, 165, 170, 305, 310, 445, 450, 585, 590, 725, 730, 870 and 880px.
And horizontally: 30, 90 and 270px.

Let’s start now to draw the menu buttons for navigation.
We use the tool Rounded Rectangle , radius is 10px and select color # 025d8c.

Good. Now place the first button between the vertical guides 30px and 165px and the horizontal 90px.
Apply a layer style to a layer.

Stamping / bevel

Gradient overlay

Your result should look like this. In the image you can see that our button is a bit beyond the guideline, located at a distance of 90px.

And now just duplicate the layer with the button 5 times to get 6 buttons. The result is as follows:

Now using the tool rectangle and selecting foreground color # 0b4b6d, draw a rectangle like the image below.

Apply a layer style using the following options:

Gradient overlay

Now we can write the text on our buttons. Text parameters may be different. The author used the following.

For text, the author also used a layer style.



The result is shown below:

Let’s use the tool again. Rectangle , select foreground color # e9e9e9 and draw the area where the news panel will be located.

Apply the following layer style.


The result is shown below.

Now using the tool Polygonal Lasso (Polygonal Lasso), create a selection like in the image below.

Select Gradient tool (Gradient Tool), adjust the color from black to black.

Do the same for the right side next to the last button. The result should look something like this.

Here is our navigation menu with the news panel.

Now just fill in the news panel with any content you want.
Hope the lesson has been helpful to you.

Author: Janis Bendiks

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