Page layout for a business site in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a layout for a business site.

Final result:

Step 1

Create a new document. (File – New) (File> New) 780 × 700 px in size and with a resolution of 72 dpi.

Create a new layer. (Shift + Ctrl + N). Tool Rectangular Selection (Rectangular Marquee Tool) (M) select the required areas and fill them with black using the tool Fill (Paint Bucket Tool) (G).

On the same layer tool Oval selection area (Elliptical Marquee Tool) (M) create five round selections and press the key Delete, to cut them out of a black background (draw each selection separately, then press the Delete key).

Step 2

Duplicate the newly created layer (Ctrl + J) and place it under a layer with a black background. Tool Free Transform (Ctrl + T) move the layer to the right side, changing its color. To do this, apply a layer style. Color Overlay and select the color #AEAEAE.

Step 3

Choose a tool Brush (Brush Tool) (B) This type, as shown in the screenshot (this is one of the standard brushes).

With the selected brush, make a few clicks next to the holes on the background:

Now select the tool Clarifier (Dodge Tool) (O) with the brush shown in the screenshot, and go through the tool on a black background:

Step 4

Find grunge brushes on the Internet, create a new layer (Shift + Ctrl + N) and with the brush selected earlier, draw faded areas on a black background. Reduce the opacity of this layer to 40%.

Step 5

Duplicate the last layer created (Ctrl + J) and rotate it 180 degrees (Ctrl + T). Arrange the duplicate as shown in the screenshot:

Tool Rectangle (Rectangle Tool) (U) draw a vertical gray line (#ACACAC).

Now tool Ellipse (Ellipse Tool) (U) draw a small circle of the same gray color (#ACACAC) as the line.

Also, tool Ellipse (Ellipse Tool) (U) draw a smaller circle. This circle should be white.

Step 6

Place the mouse cursor between the layers with white and gray circles and press the key Alt, to create a clipping mask. Due to this, the white circle will be placed inside the gray.

Put the layers you just created into the group (Ctrl + G).

Step 7

Duplicate the group four times. (Ctrl + J) and arrange the copies as shown below:

Step 8

Now you need to draw a button on the header. To do this, use the tool. Oval selection area (Ellipse Tool) (U).

Decrease the parameter Fill Layer with button up to 0% and apply layer style to it External glow (Outer Glow):

Also apply a layer style. Gradient Overlay (Gradient Overlay):

Layer Style Options Gradient Overlay (Gradient Overlay):

Also add style Stroke. In the window that opens, select a gradient for the stroke:

Gradient Parameters for Stroke:


For convenience, place all layers with menu buttons in a group (Ctrl + G). Duplicate the resulting group four times and move the duplicates:

Step 8

Now number the menu buttons. Choose a tool Text (T), open the palette Symbols (Window – Symbols) and select in it the font and its size. The remaining attributes either leave the default or select to your taste.

Step 9

Now write the names above the menu buttons:

Step 10

Now create a pattern. Create a new layer. (Shift + Ctrl + N) 1 × 4 px in size and with a resolution of 72 dpi, select the tool Pencil (Pencil Tool) (B) with color # 4C4C4C and draw a texture:

Create a texture from the created pattern. (Editing – Define Pattern) (Edit> Define Pattern).

Step 11

Tool Rectangle (Rectangle Tool) (U) draw a vertical line.

Decrease the parameter Fill for a layer with a vertical line up to 0% and apply to it the texture you just created. To do this, add a layer style. Pattern Overlay.

Step 12

Create a new layer. (Shift + Ctrl + N) 4 × 4 px and with 72 dpi resolution and instrument (Pencil) (Pencil Tool) (B) with color # 25B0C3, draw another pattern.

Create a texture from the created pattern. (Editing – Define Pattern) (Edit> Define Pattern).

Step 13

Tool Rounded Rectangle ( Rounded Rectangle Tool) (U) draw an oval shape. Place it under the dotted line:

Apply a layer style to the oval shape layer. Gradient Overlay (Gradient Overlay):

Layer Style Options Gradient Overlay (Gradient Overlay):

Apply also style Pattern Overlay with the texture you created in step 12.

Also add a layer style. Stroke with gradient fill:

Use the following gradient parameters to stroke:


Step 14

Tool Ellipse (Ellipse Tool) (U) draw a play button:

Apply a style to the layer with this button. Gradient Overlay (Gradient Overlay) with such parameters:

Also add style Stroke with gradient fill (Stroke):


Step 15

Tool Pencil (Pencil Tool) (B) draw an arrow on the button. To do this, create a new layer. (Shift + Ctrl + N) and use the color # 124E58.

All layers related to the play button, place in the group (Ctrl + G), duplicate group (Ctrl + J), Flip Vertically (Ctrl + T) and drop the duplicate down:

Step 16

Under the menu, add two areas under the content:

Add text to two content areas:

Final result:

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