Red button

In this Photoshop tutorial we will create a beautiful red button for the site.

1) Open a new document in Photoshop.
Choose red as your primary color and draw in shape mode. circle with the tool Elipse tool .
Hold key Shift, to draw a smooth circle.

2) Double-click on the shape layer to open the Add Styles window.
Add the following effects with settings as shown in the pictures:

Add a shadow:

Inner shadow:

External glow (choose color either black or dark red)

Internal luminescence:

It remains to add a stroke:

3) To make a highlight on the button, take the tool – a round selection , select a small ellipse, create a new layer .
Set the base color to white.
Take the gradient tool with these settings (color gradient from white to transparent).

Fill the selection with a gradient (top to bottom).

You can reduce the transparency (opacity) to make the glare look even more transparent.

You can add some image, letter or word to the button – this is up to you.

See you at www.

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