Reflection button

In this web graphics tutorial, we will draw a button with a reflection.

one. Create a new document (Ctrl +N) with a white background. Using Elliptical Marquee Tool“, make this selection:

2 Create a new layer (Layer /New or Ctrl +N +Shift) and fill it with some color. Call it “button” (button).

3 Using “Dodge Tool, Create an internal glow, as shown:

four. Create another selection using .
Create a new layer and name it “border” (stroke).

five. Fill it with color and place under the “button” layer.

6. Go to Layer /Layer style /Gradient overlay (Layer – Layer Style – Overlay Gradient), use these settings:

7 Layer / Layer style / Stroke (Layer – Layer Style – Stroke).

8. Layer / Layer style / Drop shadow (Layer – Layer Style – Shadow).

9. Select the “button” layer and go to Layer /Layer style /Inner shadow (Layer – Layer Style – Inner Shadow).

eleven. Create a new round shape. .

12. Reduce the layer’s opacity to eight%.

13. Create a new form in the form of windows. You can draw windows with rectangle shapes. Merge 4 windows in one layer. Duplicate it.

14. Hold down “Ctrl” and click on the “button” layer.

15. Go to the menu Filter / Distort / Spherize (Filter – Distortion – Spherization). Repeat filter action.

Select a layer with a copy of the window and do the same with it. Merge layers with windows.

sixteen. Decrease Opacity before 15% and Blend mode on Overlay:

17 Adjust windows with a soft eraser. Button is ready!

Author: photoshopfan

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