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In this tutorial you will learn how to create a beautiful glass RSS button.

Create a new document size 512x512px and resolution 72 dpi
Tool ellipse (Ellipse) draw the following oval:

Decrease Fill (Fill) layer up 0%:

Choose BlendingOptions- GradientOverlay (Overlay parameters – gradient overlay) (Double click on the layer) set the settings as shown:

The result should be something like this:

Choosing a tool Ellipse and draw a circle as shown below. Colour # F36523.

Move on BlendingOptions- InnerShadow (Overlay settings – Inner Shadow) and set the following settings:

Blending Options – Stroke (Overlay Options – Stroke)

Fill (Fill) layer set 0%.The result should be:

Draw another circle:

Apply parameter to layer “Gradient Overlay”:

Gradient Editor:

Draw another smaller circle with the tool DirectSelectionTool(A) (Arrow tool) from the circle make this shape:

Select BlendingOptions – Inner Glow (Overlay parameters – Inner Glow) with the following parameters:

Fill(Fill): 0%. The result should be:

Next, draw another circle with color # F36523, slightly shifted to the left and down relative to the main large circle.

With the key held down Alt draw another circle, as shown in the figure.

For the layer set the following parameters:

There must be something like this:

Tool Ellipse tool(U) (Ellipse) draw two small circles with color # FEDB8A.

Now choose the tool Rounded rectangle tool (U) (Rectangle with rounded corners). Radius set 30px.

1. Draw a line
2.Tool Add anchior point tool(Tool ”Pen + (Add anchor point)”. Add two anchor points from the bottom and top along the center of the line. Tool Arrow and Outline selection(DirectSelectionTool (A) and ConvertPointTool) make this shape.

Place the item on our button

Apply to shape BlendingOptions – GradientOverlay(Overlay parameters — Overlay gradient) with parameters:

Gradient Editing:

Almost done!

Copy the layer with the shape, slightly increase it and place it like this:

That’s all!

Author: designstacks

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