Stylish contact button in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a stylish contact button. This is a fairly simple lesson that can be performed even by those who have recently studied the program Photoshop.

Lesson resources:

Font (paid)

Final image:

Step 1

Create a new document with the size of 200×200 pixels, the background is white, the resolution is 72 (since this image will be used as a web graphic).

Turn on the rulers (Ctrl + R), pull out two guides from them and place them along the edges of the document.

Apply to the document the Canvas Size mode (Ctrl + Alt + C) (Resize Canvas) and in the opened window set the following values:

Since the gray color was chosen as the background, the added area will be filled with this color:

Step 2

Choose a tool Gradient (Gradient Tool) and fill the background layer with a light gray gradient (the color numbers are shown in the screenshot).

Create a new layer and name it “backlight”. Choose a soft brush, and alternating sizes (large – small), click on the top of the document and in the center.

Reduce the layer with white spots (Ctrl + T) and place it as in the screenshot:

Step 3

Choose a tool Rounded Rectangle (Rounded Rectangular Tool) with a feather of 10 pixels and, focusing on the guides, draw a white square.

Name the layer with the square “button bg” and apply layer styles to it.
Shadow (Drop shadow):

Gradient overlay (Gradient Overlay):

Stroke (Stroke):


Step 4

Now add light and shadow to the background. Create a new layer. under the “button bg” layer and tool Rectangular Selection (rectangular marquee tool) draw just such a shape:

Name this layer “shadow” and apply a filter to it. Gaussian blur (Gaussian Blur).

Reduce the shadow layer (Ctrl + T) and lower the opacity to 30%.

Create a new layer named “Highlight” and place it above the “button bg” layer. Change the blending mode to Overlap (Overlay) and soft white brush click once on the button:

Duplicate the white dot layer once (Ctrl + J) and change the duplicate blend mode to Normal (Normal). Squeeze the top layer with a white dot and place it on the top edge of the “button bg” layer.


Step 5

Now draw an envelope on the button. Create a new layer on top of all layers and tool. Rectangle (Rectanglar tool) draw a shape as in the screenshot:

Name this layer “envelope” and apply layer styles to it.
Shadow (Drop Shadow).

External glow (Outer Glow):

Stroke (Stroke):


Step 6

Now add some details to the envelope. Create a new layer and name it “envelope top”. From the toolbar select the tool Polygon (Polygon Tool).

On the property bar, install 3 sides for this tool.

Apply layer styles to this layer.

Shadow(Drop shadow):

Internal shadow (Inner Shadow):

Overlay gradient (Gradient overlay):

Stroke (Stroke):


Duplicate this layer once (Ctrl + J) and name it “envelope bottom”. Flip this layer vertically (press ctrl + T, right-click inside the bounding box and select Flip Vertical).

Add the same layer styles as the “envelope top” layer, except for the layer style. Stroke.

Create a new layer between the upper and lower layers with an envelope and a black soft round brush once in the center of the document:


Step 7

Install the font and write the word “Contact Me”. For text, use the color shown in the screenshot:

For a more interesting result, I use a color for text that is slightly darker than the background color. Apply layer styles to the text layer.

Inner shadow (Inner Shadow):

Gradient overlay (Gradient overlay):

Stroke (Stroke):

When adding a stroke, choose a color that is slightly lighter than the background. This method will give the text a stamping effect.

Final image:

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