The day has come!

In this Photoshop tutorial, we will draw an icon in the form of a tear-off calendar.

Let’s start with drawing a simple rectangle shape. Use for this tool

Select tool – rounded rectangle
Set the corner radius to 10 px and draw a shape over the first one. Group and merge layers with shapes.

You should have this:

Apply the following styles to this layer (double click on the layer – a window will appear Layer style):


Ctrl + click on this layer in the layers panel – a selection will appear.

Go to menu select> modify> contract and reduce the selection
on 2 px as shown here:

Create a new layer (shift + ctrl + n).
Refer to the menu Edit> Stroke.
Set a stroke color such # 3972AA,
Location (location) – Center (in the center),
Blending (blending mode) on Normal
Width (width) – 1 px:

Here the image was enlarged and a small black rectangle was drawn:

The following styles have been applied to it:

Duplicate this layer with a gray stick several times.
(Layer – Duplicate Layer)

Now draw a large black rectangle, as shown in the screenshot:

Apply these styles to it:

Here is the result:

Duplicate the sheet of paper several times.
Place the sheets one by one.

Write on the first page all that you wish (for example, your favorite number):

Add a shadow to the number:

Our wonderful calendar is ready!

See you at www.!

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