Transparent idea for site header

Suppose you want to make a header for the site.

Your idea is that the cap should be white. On the left will be the text, and on the right the picture, which gradually merges with the white background.

How to make a smooth transition from the picture to the white color?

Now we will analyze this case.

You have an image that you want to place on the right side of the site header.

Create a new document and drag our image there.
We take the selection tool , set the settings in the settings (the size of the future header of the site), for example, like this:

Deploy the image using the free transform function (Ctrl + T)

Now click Shift + Ctrl + I to invert the selection. Make sure you are standing on a layer with a picture and click the button Delete.

Immediately turn the selection into a frame. Create a new layer, right-click inside the selection and select the command Stroke (Run a stroke)

A window will appear where you are invited to choose the color of the frame and its thickness, etc. Make your choice.

You can deselect Ctrl + D. As you can see now instead of selecting the frame appeared.

Go back to the layer with the picture. And we proceed to create a smooth transition.

Press the “D” key so that the colors in the toolbar are set to black and white.

Go to quick mask mode (click on button at the bottom of the tool palette)

Choosing a gradient tool and once again make sure that we are standing on a layer with a picture.

Draw a gradient from right to left:

A pink haze will appear (this is the mask):

Go to the normal mode (click on )

A large selection will appear on the left. Click 1-3 times a button Delete. Here, at your discretion.

Deselect Ctrl + D.

This is how the right side of the site header will look like. And on the left you can handle it yourself!

See you at www.!

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