Transparent strokes in Vista style

Surely, each of you likes the style of Windows Vista. In this lesson I will demonstrate a similar effect. Namely, the creation of translucent strokes in various shapes:

There are 2 ways.

1 way.

Create a new document.
If you want to place your future objects on a Vista-style background, then take a look at this lesson.

So, you created a background or just filled it with the desired color.
Take the tool , set the white color and draw a rectangle like this:

Duplicate this layer.
Go to the upper rectangle, press Ctrl + T. Now, holding Shift, we take the corner point and reduce the shape. Move it to the center of the lower figure. Trim so that all edges are equal.

We take the layer with the bottom rectangle, reduce the opasity at your discretion.

Now select the pen tool. , we draw it like this:

Next, select the layer with this new shape, in the menu, select Layer – Rasterize – Shape (layer – rasterize – figure)
Now ctrl + click on the bottom square layer, Ctrl + Shift + I, choose a layer with a triangle Delete. Reduce transparency. Like that:

Everything! Done! Now you can add text or various pictures.

Method 2:

More simple.
Create a shape (for example, a rectangle), then click on the bottom of the layers palette icon Add Layer Style (Add layer style) , add style Stroke (Stroke) any color, reduce the transparency.

Rasterize the shape. Now we create a layer above the figure, PCM next to the layer and select Merge down (Merge with the bottom)

Add more shadow using Layer Style. Drop shadow!


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