In this Photoshop tutorial we will create a userbar.
Userbar is a graphic signature for forums.

First, we will create a “Stripes” texture, which we will later impose on the userbar.

Open a new document. 6? 6 px, make the background transparent

The resulting tiny document is scaled to 1600% (ctrl + “+” until you reach the desired size).

Right click on the brush tool. , From the drop-down list, select Pencil.

Set size to 1px , Colour – the black. Draw a diagonal as shown below (do not draw a solid line, click each point separately)

Go to the menu Editing – Define a pattern / texture (Edit> Define Pattern), give a name, click OK.


Now we are ready to start making such a userbar:

Create a new document with the same settings:

It should turn out like this:

Choose the pictures that you want to place on your userbar.
Here we will use the logo of your favorite program – Photoshop version CS3.

Cut and move the feather first.

Press ctrl + T to reduce the image. How much to reduce, decide for yourself.

Create a new layer under the pen.
Take the tool , Set 2 colors in the color picker. Swipe the gradient from left to right.

Reduce the letters CS3 and place them like this:

Add a frame around userbar.

Create a new layer on top of all. Click Ctrl + a to select all.
Go to menu Editing – perform a stroke (edit> stroke). Size put 1px, inside (inside), and black.

You can add styles to some elements of the userbar.
Click the button at the bottom of the Layers palette.
Choose style External glow (Outer glow).
The color of the glow you can choose to your taste.

Add text, special font you can download here – Visitor TT2 BRK.

Make these settings.

Add a Stroke style to the text, black, outside.

Now go to the gradient layer. Go to the menu Editing – Run Fill (edit> fill).
Select the texture we created at the beginning of the lesson in the window.

Transparency can reduce or leave for 100%.

And now you need to save our userbar through the menu File – Save for Web (File> Save for web), select format png, quality 24.

Additional effects:

If you want to make your userbar a little voluminous, then follow this instruction.

Go to the background layer, open the styles palette and apply the ‘Flat Rounded Normal’ style

This option is suitable if you have filled the background with a gradient. But if you have a picture in the background, then:

1. Stand on the background layer with the picture
2. Press successively Ctrl + a, ctrl + c, then ctrl + v
3. Apply the ‘Flat Rounded Normal’ style

This needs to be done because perhaps not the whole picture was included in the user bar, you may simply not see the effect.

* Here the blend mode has been changed to Light replacement (lighten) to blend harmoniously with the background.

That’s it!

See you at www.!

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