We draw the switch in Photoshop

Today we will create a nice switch button that you can use in your work. First, take a look at the final image.

Materials for the lesson:

Create background

Create a new file size 1000×1000pixels with permission 72 ppi.

Pattern overlay

Create a group in the Layers Palette and name it “Background”. Open the pattern and load it in Adobe Photoshop. Using tool Rectangle tool (U) (Tool “Rectangle”) draw a rectangle as a layer-shape, slightly larger than the canvas of our work. Then apply a layer style — overlay the pattern as shown in the image below.

Step 1 – Creating a Button

Create a new group of layers, name it “Button”. Using Ellipse tool (U) (Tool “Ellipse”) draw a circle (hover the mouse over the middle of the canvas, hold down the keys Alt + Shift, to draw the perfect circle). Choose a color for the button # 0e0f0f, then apply layer styles as shown below. After that, change the layer Opacity to 20%.

Step 2

Create another circle, a little smaller than the previous one. For him, choose a color # 222429. Next, apply layer styles, apply shadow, emboss, gradient and stroke.

Step 3 – Texture Overlay

Open the archive Old School Retro Psd Text Effect, which contains the texture we need. Open the file in Adobe Photoshop and select a texture layer called Grunge Texture. Move the layer to our document with a button. Change the blending mode to Pin light (Spot Light), set the layer Opacity to ten%. Create a clipping mask for the layer.

Step 4

Using tool Ellipse tool (U) (Ellipse tool) create a third circle, less than a second, select color # 0d0d0e, then apply layer styles as shown in the image below. Choose a tool Brush tool (B) (Brush tool) brush size 200 pixels, rigidity 0%, Colour white, Click several times at the bottom of the button, see the example below. Overlay mode change to Soft light (Soft light), Opacity on 80%, create a clipping mask for the layer. Further, following the instructions on the image below, using a black brush, darken the lower area of ​​the button. Also create a clipping mask for the layer.

Step 5

Select tool again Ellipse tool (U) (Ellipse tool) and create a circle a few pixels smaller than the previous one. For this circle, use color # 1a1a1b. Then select the tool Direct selection tool (A) (Arrow tool) and move the bottom point a few pixels up.

Apply layer styles as shown in the image below. We will once again need a scratched texture that we imported from another document, move it again to our document. Change blending mode to Linear dodge (Linear clarifier), Opacity on ten%. Create a new layer, select the tool. Brush tool (B) (Tool “Brush”), leave the settings the same as in the last step, change the color to white. Paint the bottom of the button with white as shown below. Create a clipping mask for the layer.

Step 6

Using the tool Type tool (T) (Horizontal text tool) font Myriad pro, bold, size 48pt, Colour # 969696, write the letter “I”. Apply the Inner Shadow layer style. Below write the next letter “O”, use color #fefefe. Right-click on the layer in the Layers Palette and select “Rasterize Layer”. Activate the Free Transform tool by clicking Ctrl + T, hold the keys Ctrl + Shift + Alt pull the bottom left point of the frame left a few pixels. Next, apply a layer style, as shown in the image below.

Nice button-switch is ready, so I want to press!

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