We make a beautiful site layout in dark colors.

In this tutorial we will make a beautiful dark layout for a software store site. The lesson is easy, I think any newcomer can handle it in no more than 2 hours. If you are a software developer and you need a website to present your product, then this lesson is for you.

Final image:

Materials for the lesson:

Gradients (extra charge)

Textures (paid)

Create a 1000 document by 1100 pixels. This size is the most universal, so the site will look good on any resolutions. Fill the background with color # 202020. Change the color to # 191919 and fill two rectangles with it, as shown below.

We apply the following styles for both.

So it should work out.

Create three rectangles with rounded corners using the appropriate tool.

We apply for them styles.

That’s what happened with me. Later we will insert images here.

I created another form darker under these. Next, click on the form with the right button and in the drop-down menu click Rasterize Shape (Rastrirovat figure).

We rasterized the form so that the lower part could be removed. In this way we will create a pretty reflection. That’s what happened with me. In the same way we create reflections for the other two blocks.

Create another shape with color # 1919191.

We apply the following styles to the new form:

It turned out like this:

Add some more forms.

For small shapes, I used a little different styles. For the fill, I used gradients, a link in the archive.

I will not tell in detail what I did. Be creative and do what you like. That’s what happened with me:

Add text.

Now add the pictures in the middle of the layout. I used the texture link in the archive. That’s what happened to me.

In the right part we will draw a beautiful green button. A bright button will stand out – a psychological move.

Apply the following styles to the button.

Here is how she began to look in the end.

I made a menu at the top of the template. I drew separators between links using Line tool (Line). We draw two vertical lines, the first – gray, the second – black.

Congratulations, now everything is ready!

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