Windows Vista style button

In this Photoshop tutorial, we will draw a button in the style of Windows Vista.

Create a new document (width =230, height =180).
Fill the background with dark gray (# 2a2a2a).

Choosing a tool Rounded rectangle tool (), in the settings for the parameter radius select equal 5 px, and draw a rectangle with rounded black ends:

Add a few styles to our future button, go to
Layer> Layer Style> Blending Options, and do everything as shown below:

Next with the tool make the selection as shown:

Push Ctrl + Shift + N, to create a new layer.
We clamp Ctrl + Shift + Alt and click on the icon of the layer with the button.
Next, we go to Select> Modify> Contract and set the value to 1 px.

Using the fill tool fill the selection with white.

Reduce the transparency of the layer to 20%.

And in the end we have to add some inscription. For example, the name of our site :)

See you at www.!

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