XP style girl icon

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll draw an icon of a girl in XP style.

Create a new document, and using
Ellipse tool draw a circle.

Double click on the layer with the circle and go to the panel Layer style.
Apply the following settings:

Then the circle will look like this:

Next, using pen tool draw the shape as shown:

Arrange the knots and twist the lines to achieve the desired effect:

Rasterize layers with a hairstyle (right-click on the layer with a hairstyle and select the command Rasterize Layer).

Next, combine the layers of the head and hairstyle. Stand on the top layer and hit the key combination. Ctrl + E

Go to the panel Layer style and select setting
Stroke (Colour # 783107, the size 1 pixel).

Take the color that was used a little earlier for hair,
draw the following shapes (don’t forget about the stroke-stroke):

Now using rectangle tool draw a rectangle.

Using ellipse tool and pressing “+”, draw an ellipse,
as it shown on the picture:

Apply the following styles to this layer:

As a result, the girl will wear a red outfit.

Via pen tool , in white, draw the shape as shown:

Using Line tool (the size 1px), in gray, draw two stripes, as shown:

Next, we draw the following form:

Apply for it in the panel Layer style following style:

Duplicate this layer (Layer – Duplicate layer)
we go edit> transform> flip horizontal
and place the second collar as shown below:

Create a new layer (shift + ctrl + n), and using
elliptical marquee tool draw an oval selection:

Take gradient tool and fill the selection with a gradient
(color white> black).

And in the end we have to put in the panel Layers,
blending mode on screen.

If you wish, you can also make a guy in the same style:

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