10 tips on working in Photoshop

Photoshop is a terrific tool that can turn an ordinary image into a work of art using standard tools. It is great for expressing your creative talents, improving the quality of your photos or creating collages. This is a complex software package and not all users know how to avoid some difficulties while working. This article describes 10 quick tips and tricks that can save your time and simplify the work in Photoshop.

1. Install Free Instagram Filters

Want to give your photos a vintage look without installing a mobile application? Click here to install a set of Photoshop actions that apply cool Instagram-style filters to your photos!

2. Brighten photos

If you have a photo that seems dusky, open it and click Shift + Ctrl + N, to create a new layer. Call it Shine or in some other way, change Mode (Mode) on Overlap (Overlay) and check the box “Fill with the neutral color of the Overlap mode (gray 50%)“(Fill with Overlay-neutral color 50% gray). After that select the tool Clarifier (Dodge Tool), install Exposure (Exposure) on 25% and select the appropriate range to achieve the desired lightening effect. You can also use the tool Dimmer (Burn Tool) to enhance the shadows.

3. Batch processing

If you need to immediately process several photos, make sure that they are in the same folder, then open one of the images, go to the menu Window> Operations (Window> Actions) and record the necessary actions by clicking on the icon with the folded sheet, and then on the round button in the panel operations (Actions). After that go to menu File> Automation> Batch Processing (File> Automate> Batch) and select the recorded action that you just recorded. Click OK and Photoshop will open the necessary images and apply action to them.

4. Getting rid of shiny skin.

When working with portraits, use the tool Pipette (Eyedropper) to select a matte piece of skin, then paint the shiny parts of the face with a standard brush with Opacity (Opacity) 15%. This will turn shiny areas into matte.

5. Improving the color palette.

If you have a photo with slightly pale colors, you can enhance it using pictures of famous artists, for example, the image of Mona Lisa! Just go to the menu Image> Correction> Pick up color (Image> Adjustments> Match Color) and select the famous picture. Click OK and look at the result!

6. Draw smooth lines with a brush.

If you are not a surgeon, it is quite difficult to draw a straight line with a brush. To do this without problems, just hold down the key. Shift during drawing and the line will automatically be smooth.

7. Light watermarks

If you often use the same photo as a watermark, you can save time by turning it into a brush. Upload a photo and go to menu Editing> Define Brush (Edit> Define Brush Preset).

8. Improve photo resonance

If you have a photo that looks homely, duplicate the background layer with Ctrl + J, then install Blend mode (Blending mode) new layer on Hard light (Hard Light). You will immediately see the difference in color!

9. Make the round brush trace even.

If you draw a long line using a brush, you probably noticed that it often creates pixel “serifs”. To create a smooth line, select a brush and click. F5. Select Brush Print Form (Brush Tip Shape) and change Intervals (Spacing) with 25% on 7% or less. You can save the brush so that you do not adjust it each time.

If, looking at your image, you want to bring the picture closer with a smooth zoom at one point, and then quickly move to another part of your image, then hold the button H (English), click and drag the mouse to the desired part of the picture. Your video card must support OpenCL in order to use this feature.

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