2 ways to remove noise from the photo

99% of camera users are non-professional photographers. Accordingly, they get all sorts of pictures: light, dark, with noise, red eyes, etc. etc. What just does not happen!

And if the photo turned out priceless? To help these people, as always, Photoshop is in a hurry.

Imagine a situation: superstars arrived in your city – your idols, you have dreamed all your life to look at them. And then a miracle happened – not only did you manage to buy the last ticket, but you still managed to take a picture with the Legend. But, unfortunately, the person whom you asked to capture you seems to have taken the camera for the first time in your life.

And what happened? The photo is noisy, indistinct and blurred. If you find yourself in such a situation or you have a photo from which you would like to remove the noise, then the information outlined below is for you.

Most of the time noise occurs when photos are taken at night. So what are some ways to remove digital “noise”?

To test the 2 ways that you’ll learn about right now, let you submit an experimental photo:

Method number 1. Filter Dust and scratches

Filter Dust and scratches removes a small amount of noise from a photo.

To apply this filter:

  • open the photo in photoshop
  • go to menu Filter – Noise – Dust and Scratches … (Filter – Noise – Dust Scratches)

  • play with the settings. Increase the radius parameter. The larger the radius, the softer the photo becomes. It is important to find a compromise – remove the noise, but do not turn a more or less clear image into a cloudy one.

Method number 2. Filter Reduce Noise

To apply this filter:

  • open the photo in photoshop
  • go to menu Filter – Noise – Reduce Noise … (Filter – Noise – Reduce Noise)
  • Play with the settings again. Drag the sliders back and forth and see what happens. As soon as you like the result, click OK.

As with the filter Dust and scratches This filter also softens the image, but does it a little differently. You can try to apply both filters at once.

In addition, if by profession you have to clean the photo from various interferences every day, then there are the Nik Collection Dfine and Topaz DeNoise plugins – they are specifically designed to remove noise from the photo.

See you in the next lesson!

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